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Colton Units for rent   Are you looking for a rental in Colton.  We have 1BR units and a 3BR house.  They come on the market regularly so give us a call and we'll let you know what is available, and what is coming up.  These are great units so give a call at 949.230.6119 and we'll tell you everyt...
First, thank you to those who stuck your neck out and made a predicition.  I think of Chris Collinsworth who always is quick to point out that in the sixth week of the NFL season predicted that the Patriots were the best team ever.  He never mentions that he said the Chargers were dead in the wat...
I think for the industry, 2008 will be a continuation of the consolidation already in place.  prices will not firm up much, and Bank owned inventory will remain at high levels, and increase in areas where REO inventory is low.  The learning curve for banks is over, and hopefully their efficiency ...
Ok, I know no one likes to see alot (a lot) and random run ons.  However, I thought no one would really care about typo's etc.  But I should not jump to conclusions.  Does the community think one should proof read before posting? Sometimes my laptop jumps around in my text and adds letters where ...
Ok, Ok. I am a little surprised that people are alreadyasking me how.  Now that I think about it, I would probably be asking the same thing if I did not have something that was working.  A little truth first.  I do not  have anything that can make a house sell for more than it is worth.  So, I ca...
did you know the internet picks up on key words, and that repetedly using them makes your site more relevent to search engines.  For instance since I specialize in Yorba Linda, Placentia, and Brea, repeting them often makes my site more relevent to people who search for yorba linda, brea, and pla...
passing the test...Does your method to acquiring clients involve a systematic approach that consistently delivers inbound leads DAILY.  Mine does, and I think I will get to the point where I am going to add a buyers agent soon.  Well...another buyers agent.  I call it high tech/low tech.  Interne...
It is Monday morning and spring is right around the corner.  I am diligently adding listings building my inventory while others are exiting the business.  Yorba Linda has not seen so many people leave because it is a very stable place, and many realtors are veterans here.  It is actually nice to ...
The good old days are over, so average agents have had to find a new line of work.  This has created an opportunity for smart business men and women.  If you are serious about business and are looking to start a business call for free information.  The program I am successfully working right now ...
I took an exceptional lisitng in East Yorba Linda.  For anyone looking for mil plus properties in east yorba linda with a view, the details are available on my real estate hotline 800-792-9995 ext 3258 for anyone that would like to be set up on free foreclosure lists by email, use the same 800 nu...

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In general my blog will consist of predictions. Everyone can talk about what they new was going to happen, but it is much harder to post what will happen. So, I will attempt to do so on a regular basis, and use it as a score card as to how accurate I am.