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Stick in the business long enough and you'll see all sorts of things. Eventually you'll run into naked people. It happens. Here's five of many reasons why ... 1. The agent showing the home shows up too early or too late and doesn't update their showing time with the showing service, or the listin...
Last month Betty decided to get the hell out of Moscow, Texas and make a run for the bigger city, Dallas. After 16 years she had sold just about every house in the small Texas town of about 200 people. Greener pastures with more opportunity awaited her in "Big D."Before making the move, Betty pla...
Almost all of the dialog about a pocket listing centers around the slimy fingers of the greedy listing agent. Everyone (just about) agrees that if a listing agent holds a listing away from the MLS that he's obviously an evil pig that should be exposed and some how punished for not creating MORE e...
Last month I received 2 identical offers for my seller. Agent Matilda's buyer was using a conventional loan with 20% down, as was agent Spanky's client. Buy my seller chose to pass on Matilda's. But why? Was it because she liked his interesting name? No. Agent Spanky was aggressive, quick for res...
There's a primo local mortgage broker that many agents in my circles have a certain amount of respect for. In fact, there's quite a few around the area, but Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo aren't one of them. BOA is akin to drinking orange juice after you brush your teeth. There's a very h...
Rubio is stuck in North Dakota, but his wife Glenda is viewing homes in Texas. What if Glenda falls in love with a home? What's the most sensible thing to do for the Rubio/Glenda team? Here's what I would do If I was Mr. Rubio...1. I would make sure my wife was working with an agent who specializ...
For years I've heard members of our industry refer to AR as a blogging site for "Newbies." As if we're a bunch of lost green horns bumping into each other with stupid questions & unworthy blog posts. Would someone please inform me where the elite bloggers of real estate graduate to after they're ...
Last week one of my listings expired. Last year I had it listed and then a few days later my seller decided "not to sell." So, I put the home in a withdrawal status. When you input a listing on the MLS it requires both a listing date and an expiration date. On the day of expiration the MLS automa...
Imagine a scenario where the buyer... or even the seller could be held accountable for violating the Realtor Code of Ethics.  The only scenario possible is when the buyer or seller are actually Realtors. Should Realtors be exempt from certain articles when selling their own home? Last week an ang...

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