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Oscar is working with a buyer who is currently under contract to buy 1379 Overthere Blvd. Another Realtor (Betty Bookmark) just listed a home (down the street) that is similar to what Oscars' buyer is under contract for. How do you feel about Betty contacting Oscar to inform him that the home she...
I have 7 people on my personal "Black List." In fact, I can guarantee you the list will grow. Unfortunately, this isn't a list anyone should be proud to be on. Being on this list saves my sellers money, time and aggravation. So, who's on it and what is it? I used to have their names on a white er...
I can't believe I've been here on AR for almost 8 years. There's been so many of you that hit the million dollar mark in just a fraction of that time. I can honestly tell you that it's never been about the points, number of features or even the number of clicks that satisfied me the most.  I've m...
Earlier this week I requested a Sellers Disclosure from a Listing Agent. My buyers were interested and before submitting an offer they wanted to review what the seller had to say about their house. Normally the sellers disclosure is online for agents to review, download and ultimately provide to ...
"I need to sleep on it." Can be translated in many, many ways. When a buyer says they need to sleep on it I tend to lose confidence that I can help them buy the home they're interested in, esepcially if it is in a sellers market. Odds are, the home that they are in love with won't be around for "...
Open houses are so all over the place. They can be so boring, fun, different, eventful, meaningful and even dramatic. I've attended 2 hour open houses and 8 hour open houses. The most elaborate open house I've ever attended included professional models who rotated expensive clothes/handbags and e...
After I show properties I will typically try and help the seller and listing agent out by leaving helpful, but constructive feedback. I rarely do any sugar coating and I always leave practical and complete feedback. Most agents I know do the same. Every so often I see responses from agents who ha...
I love Activerain and as we all are VERY well aware of, Zillow owns it. I have protested against Zillow for years. It's apparent and obvious that I'm not alone. Many Realtors see Zillow as a threat while others despise Zillow for pumping out inaccurate home evaluations and misinformation. Then th...
This industry is all about providing your contact information. Every company from Realtor dot com to our personal websites has the ability and necessity to grab the consumers contact information. Contact information leads to a lead and leads lead to closings and closings lead to beer, wine and sh...
Most everyone in this business knows that most of the money made in this business isn't from helping buyers and sellers with houses, it's making money off of Realtor advertising dollars. Zillow and Trulia are on the forefront of this very subject as you read this. Their primary existence is predi...

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