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Can a REALTOR refuse to work with another agent? Our Code of Ethics have multiple rules on this matter. One is that it requires full disclosure to our clients at all times, but without trash talking the competition. Our ethical requirements are also pretty clear about being transparent about the ...
A newer agent in my area wants to do something we do everyday in this business. He want's to send a referral to another agent in Las Vegas. I showed him the corrrect documents, what to expect and how to handle the transaction. I also explained what not to do once a referral is given. He was very ...
Ask any agent with a nose on their face and they'll tell you how angry it makes them when a fellow agent or buyer doesn't respect the time lines of a contract. In Texas we have "option periods." An option period is the time allotted to the buyer for routine inspections, usually ten days at a cost...
Would you buy a home on Sandusky drive? Most of us look past superstition, oddities and name association, but not all of us. This morning a buyer sent me a short list of homes and then retracted one from her list: XXX Sandusky drive, a new built home not far from my office. She said she couldn't ...
                        8-9 pounds pre-trimmed. Take her out of the package and wash off all the blood. Pat it down real good and get all the moisture off. Generously sprinkle Tender Quick (found at Krogers) all over and let stand for 30 minutes. This is the clean side. The fat cap is the other ...
Should the buyer attend the entire home inspection? Is it in their best interest to be there throughout the entire process? I say no. Let me explain why... The photo to the left is from an actual inspection report. The man holding his arms up with the camera is the home inspector and the lady sta...
What is a Protection Period? Not too long ago I got a new listing that was previously listed by a different Brokerage. When you list your home you and your agent will agree to a time-frame that the agent can market and attempt to sell the home, usually six months. After I took the listing the pre...
Imagine you're a Realtor. You've been working with a man who wants to lease a home and you've exchanged emails, spoken and even looking at houses together. Right before you're ready to help him pull the trigger on a specific home he reveals he's a registered sex offender.  Now what?   Do you verb...
Are you using gmail? Are you tired of getting spam? Here's one simple way to prevent getting emails from a selected source if your using gmail. First, log in to your account and then click on the undesired email. Scroll over and click on the drop down arrow.   Select Filter Messges Like This.    ...

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