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I have memories of 1985. Back to The Future, Scooby Doo & throwing pine cones at my neighbors cat as it scurried up over a tree that passed through our back yard. I was 12 at the time. Back then there was no MLS or Dat Dare Internet. I remember my Dad calling over the local ERA "subdivision exper...
I used to "provide feedback" but not anymore. Providing feedback is supposed to give the seller constructive information while a home is listed. It's meant as way to "help." If the listing agent gets 3 or 4 buyer's agents commenting about the "price" then the seller and listing agent might questi...
Five years ago my girlfriend said yes to marrying me. I remember we were in a small paddle boat on Lake Houston with the sun setting behind her head. The water was like a sheet of glass. Nobody seemed to be on the lake that evening but us. It was really a beautiful night. As I massaged her feet a...
In Houston the lions share of buyers are going to find the home they want on That's our local MLS. Here are some examples of "advertising" that I've never seen work. It isn't to suggest it doesn't work in other markets, but I've never had a buyer say... Greg, If found this home in th...
Blog 2 , ways 10-20. My first blog titled 1,000 ways to find a Realtor   ->insert trademark here<-   10. If a Realtor judges you on your price range, find somebody that won't. Find somebody that cares enough about helping people & staying true to a particular  core value. Pun intended. I once clo...
This will be the first of many public blogs to come. The story will be 1,000 ways to pick the right Realtor. This is pretty simple. Number 1,000 comes with an added bonus, but you'll have to stick around to find out what it is. Here we go.   1. If a Realtor starts out by showing you a picture of ...
The other day a I got a voicemail that went pretty much like this.. "Hey, Greg Nino.. I don't appreciate you advertising my home when you are not my listing agent. Furthermore, you have the WRONG information about my  house posted online!! I expect you to fix this immediately!" I pay a fee each m...
A while back we had our Jesus poodle grow a cross on her back. Now we have a potato that's grown horns, now named Horny Potato. Our little friend predicts that the The University Of Texas Longhorns will beat Alabama for the National Title. Make your bets, tell a friend and place a wish if you lik...
I logged on to the MLS a little while ago to see this flashing banner on the screen:   Liz Carter with Liz Carter and Team Realty is in desperate need of a double lung and liver transplant.  Her  surgery will require blood at very short notice so her firm is having a blood drive for both Liz and ...
It happens about once a year. I really thought it wouldn't happen in 2009, but it did. An agent from another market - DALLAS (four hours north of Houston) called me to let me know that he wasn't a member of the Houston Association of Realtors, but wanted me to "unlock a few doors for he and his b...

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