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I must of called 120 people today. I use the phrase "touching base" about 3 million times a year, it seems.   Tonight while calling prospects from my online data base this was said.....   "Hi XXXX, this is Greg Nino with RE/MAX I was calling to touch your base and see if you were still interested...
1. I'll never forget the seller who after receiving a contract on his vacant home removed all the faucets & ceiling fans. He remembered that those were "fixtures" and that they could not be removed from the house. He said he had intentions of replacing them with the "original parts." The home was...
RESPA is an acronym for Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. This consumer friendly protection act was first created in 1974 and designed to help protect the consumer in many different ways.   Here are some examples that you might find interesting,     Section 9 of RESPA prohibits a home seller...
Cara wanted us to go with her to Target. Walking around seemed a little boring so I decided to have a little fun with my kids.
One of my buyers had to find a home TODAY, not two weeks from now, but today. As luck would have it, the listing agent was missing in action and the showing service stipulated that the property was APPOINTMENT REQUIRED. This meant I couldn't show the property until the listing agent called me bac...
  1. In Texas, a Realtor can legally donate part of his commission to any non-profitable organization he wants, even if that organization is not a principle to the transaction.   2. In Texas a Realtor who lists "his own home" does NOT have to use promulgated forms by the real estate commission.  ...
  I would rather show a house in the rain with pitt bulls chasing me. I'd rather be punched in the stomach upon entry to a regulary listed property. Hang me from my big toe upside down, really. I have no interest in FSBO's. If my client has an interest I'll explain my past experiences. If they ar...
My wife was changing the chemicals in the pool earlier today. My 3.5 year old son said.. "Daddy, what's mommy doing outside?" So out we went. Mommy explained that she was putting acid in the pool and "balancing the chemicals." I explained to my son that once acid was poured into the pool that you...
One of the sweetest featured blogs you can get is one that's public. The search engines really like the attention, too. One of my recent posts, Digitally Enhanced Listing Really Looks Like Garbage In Person...GO FIGURE, was featured and grabbed about 230+ comments. Last week Ken Harney with the W...
  Meet the GE Supra iBox. $89.00 plus tax. I bet you're a little surprised how much it cost, huh? And that's just 1 Supra Lock Box.   This little booger offers excellent key protection. It weighs about 3 lbs and is tough as an old Battle Axe. The overwhelming majority of my listings have this kew...

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