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Numerous S.W.A.T teams raided Bank of America, Washington Mutual, General Motors and other financial institutions. Among the 530 arrested, 225 were short sale department employees. Many of the executives were caught on the golf course, with their mistress, or on their $35,000 toilets. One BOA Exe...
Are you tired of fast talking salesmen from companies like Leap Fish and Get My Homes calling you over & over again? Are you irrated with their same old pitch promising top Google placement? Sure you are! How would you like to NEVER, EVER hear from them or anyone else that was bothering...
Ghost Blogging refers to individuals or groups who enlist the help of someone else to blog "for them." The question I have for the readers of this blog is quite simple. Do you think it's ethical to post your picture, your contact information and of course your NAME then have somebody else author ...
Hi Everyone! Please tell my daddy to buy me nice car when I turn 16!       Hey Dad... great job with the flash! Can you get that thing OUT OF MY FACE?!?           My daddy says when people tell lies they look down & to the left. As you can see, I always tell the truth.                           ...
I have two condos for sale here in Houston. Both have the sign in the window. One of the many responsibilities that MOST, if not all Home Owners Associations have is to help preserve the value of the neighborhood. They do this be enforcing their "rules." I think one of the rules some HOA's have i...
No, that's not a the scene of a Hollywood horror movie set, but an actual photo taken with my cell phone this morning. And no, that's not the sound of bacon popping and sizzling on the stove either, but the SUPER ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES arching their way through this lovely scenery. That enormous ...

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