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It is a fact the foreclosure mess was the result of unscrupulous lending practices. Unfortunately, it did not stop there as federal regulators continue to investigate allegations of illegal foreclosures and penalize lenders who are found guilty.     With such heat experienced by the banks to make...
When you hear about a short sale, what usually come into mind are distressed homeowners looking for a way out of their mortgage problems. But these days, short sales have fast become the solution to the enduring crisis in the housing industry. News reports involving foreclosure statistics are sho...
If you are a homeowner on the verge of defaulting on your mortgage, a short sale is most likely one of the options you would consider to stop foreclosure. Usually, the process involved can become complicated and lengthy, causing many distressed homeowners to lose patience.  But in the past couple...
Being on the brink of foreclosure is not fun. What would make this situation worse is if you are already underwater on your mortgage. Obviously, there is no other option available to you but a short sale. It is the best foreclosure alternative and it will even may allow you to move on without ha...
  It is indeed funny to think that years ago most people had not heard of a short sale transaction. It was something homeowners were not familiar with. Even Realtors and lenders for that matter rarely encountered these transactions in their daily work. Lately,  short sale transactions are getting...
As a homeowner, your worst fear will usually involve losing your home to foreclosure. This is certainly something to think about considering the state the housing industry is currently in. Of course, there is such a thing as thinking ahead and it would be wise for you to look at your options — t...
  Early this month, the government sponsored enterprise Fannie Mae has released their new servicing guidelines as a response to the still large number of homes entering some stage of foreclosure. The problem is actually attributed to the communication gap between servicers and distressed homeowne...
Bad news concerning the housing market is certainly everywhere. For starters, a report from S&P/Case-Shiller showed home prices declining by 4.2 percent during the first quarter of 2011. High unemployment rate is also driving more homes into foreclosure while job growth remains tepid. The number...
In most major cities, you will observe a growing demand for rental homes. Such demand will eventually translate to rental prices increasing. If you are worried about the amount of money you have been spending on rent and feel you are ready for home ownership, then it is time to check out the sho...
If you check the news lately, you cannot help but see how distressed properties sales are getting a hefty share of the market. In fact, for the first quarter of 2011, 28 percent of the total home sales activity involved properties in distress including short sale. For those of you who are thinki...

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