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Humorous but Honest advice to Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in the State of Maryland.
A couple of years back,  I was in competition for a listing against an agent in a BIG NAME company.   For some insane reason, the sellers decided to have us present our case to them at the same time.  I have no idea why, and if I had known about it ahead of time, I would have told them I needed t...
Ok!  You got the call that the buyer and her agent wanted to see your house in 20 minutes (if you have been reading my blogs, you will know what I mean!).   You broke your neck to get out of the house with the kids.  Now, you are all crammed in the mini-van, with the clothes you didn't have time ...
I hatechu zillow.   I really really do.  You make my job as a real estate agent so much harder.  I have to continually go behind you and clean up your mess every single time. No.  My Listing is not, nor has it ever been in foreclosure. No.  My listing did not sell 2 years ago for more than I am l...
I bought a lottery ticket once.  Thank God it was only once.  Actually, I went out on a limb and bought 20 lottery tickets.  One dollar each.  All the same number.  I was so positive that I had the winning number that I was certain I was going to hit it big time!!  I stupidly made the mistake of ...
You just got a call that an agent wants to show your house in 20 minutes.  The kids are off school today and you have been slacking on the housework.  You are in no way, shape, or form ready to have someone see your house in its current state.  And you can hear Susan Nealey's voice in your head s...
I often go to listing appointments and just like a buyer, by the time they open the front door, I have an idea of what the house is going to look like.  Sometimes my stomach churns and sometimes I start to shake cuz I'm so excited!! I wish I could say that the latter occurs more than the churning...
If the internet Gods came to me and asked me to add one feature to the internet house search to make it great, I would say "Add a scratch 'n sniff button!"Yes, I would.  It would add so much.  Then you wouldn't even have to leave your couch to smell all that dog slobber on the carpet.  And, oh, m...
You just love running around Saturday and Sunday and stopping in at Open Houses.  Who doesn't?  Some people do it as they are hitting all the yard sales.  It's fun!  It's enlightening!  You can see how people decorate and sometimes make yourself feel better about your own home. But, sometimes, yo...
Seller's Agent--This is just as you would expect and this agent works for the seller.  He is the agent who listed the house.  If you ask this agent if he thinks the owner would accept a lower offer, what will his answer be?  It will be a resounding "no" unless the seller told him he could say "ye...
You called your lender, you discussed your private finances and you agreed upon a number that will allow you to buy a house AND have a life.  Feels pretty good, doesn't it? Now, you and I can meet and start the process of looking at houses.   When we first meet in person, I MUST tell you about ag...

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