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Humorous but Honest advice to Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in the State of Maryland.
If the internet Gods came to me and asked me to add one feature to the internet house search to make it great, I would say "Add a scratch 'n sniff button!"  Yes, I would.  It would add so much.  Then you wouldn't even have to leave your couch to smell all that dog slobber on the carpet.  And, oh,...
You called your lender, you discussed your private finances and you agreed upon a number that will allow you to buy a house AND have a life.  Feels pretty good, doesn't it?Now, you and I can meet and start the process of looking at houses.  But, do you wonder who I represent when we go out to see...
You called your lender.  He told you you qualified to buy a home for 275,000.  You were told you had a great credit score and that you could go look at houses!!   Great!  But , do you really know what you are getting into?  Can you actually AFFORD that price???So, I want you to make sure that you...
Before you start your home search, I told you yesterday that you should call your lender to get pre-qualified.  But what if you do not know a lender that you trust.  Your realtor (Susan Nealey!) can give you recommendations and names of people who have done a great job for other clients.  The abs...
"How to Buy A House"  should be a book and required reading by first time buyers.  The very first step in the process is NOT what you think!  You should not be running out and going to all the Open Houses in the area...Every day, I get an email or a call from a buyer who wants to go out and see s...
This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhome is located in the water privileged community of Waters Edge.  In fact, you can walk out your back door and take the path down to the water and fish, or kayak, or canoe, if you like.It is tenant occupied right now, but will be available to rent at the end of J...
By now you have all heard about the riots in Baltimore.  While some news media would have you believe that they rioted because of Freddie Gray, the PROTESTS were because of Freddie Gray, NOT the rioting.  I have a sneaky suspicion that if the cameras were not filming these kid's antics in Baltimo...
As all of you watch the horrible mess on the news about Baltimore, we, who live here are equally appalled.  To get up in the morning and feel fear about driving up to the city I love, is a first for me.Please pray that we can get this under control before more harm is done.  What you see and hear...
Considering the number of my clients whose offers have not been accepted, I feel I must re-run this !   You just love running around Saturday and Sunday and stopping in at Open Houses.  Who doesn't?  Some people do it as they are hitting all the yard sales.  It's fun!  It's enlightening!  You can...
My Mother passed to her new life this week.  I am at peace and so is she.  She was 90.5 not that anyone was counting.  She died exactly as she wanted to--she just faded away.  She had time to say good bye to every single person still on this earth that she loved and few she couldn't stand.  At th...

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