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Welcome to my real estate blog for information on short sales and lender information.
At a turtles crawl Bank of America sorts through thousands of short sale offers.  Can the servicer find some urgency in processing these files?  I find myself growing increasingly immune to the lack of response from the short sale department.  One can only think of what a big mess Countrywide cre...
I have had so many of my potential short sale customers tell me that the servicers told them there was no assistance for "good" borrowers.  Well the policy WAS 90 days past due then we can talk if Fannie Mae is the investor on your note.  Well, today we get the great new policy about helping out ...
I hope my blog reaches as many strapped homeowners as possible.  If you live in Florida and are looking at trying to save your home from foreclosure you have options. First, you may contact your lender or if your lender hired a company like Titanium Solutions (Countrywide, WAMU and Litton) to fac...
03/04/2009 is the correct website to send your customers who would like to see if they qualify.  NOTES FROM THIS SITE: Beware of any person or organization that asks you to pay a fee in exchange for housing counseling services or modification of a deli...
Wow, how unprofessional.  The computer sends out disapproval letters on pending short sales in ERROR.  Check with your sellers to see if they received one of these letters from the computer that was sent out around the 19th or 20th of February.  I was told by a short sale rep that this error occu...
I couldn't believe my ears when I called Countrywide today and was told "the short sale department is closed all day for training"  No comment. 
As the market increases to yeild more and more short sale opportunities, Florida Home Realty Short Sale Team has increased their team with the addition of several experianced short sale agents.  We accept referrals from any customers that may be facing a short sale situation.  Please give us a ca...
Wow, that was a tough six months working with Saxon on a short sale.  The borrower owes about $575,000 and the first BPO came back at $262,000.  I let the file expire and had another BPO ordered to allow for normal decline.  The new BPO came back and now the investor; Wells Fargo won't tell me th...
I recently had the opportunity to speak with a distributor of Freon Locking Caps.  These simple, inexpensive caps lock down your freon lines to prevent two things:  One, keeps freon from leaking out of the fitting and two keeps kids/adults from stealing your freon.  Stealing freon is not new eith...
Want the advantage of having plenty of room?  Don't miss Livingston Woods located in the new Central part of Naples off Pine Ridge Road and Livingston.  Property is zoned for horses and the parcels are big acre plus.  Some offerings include new estate homes over one million dollars.  I have a new...

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