OMG, the sky is falling! If you’re feeling anxious about uncertainties in the 2020 economy, it’s time to consider innovative strategies to diversify your revenue & give your business much needed stability. Finding creative ways to think outside of the box and out-innovate your competitors is a su...
Tired of HR paperwork cluttering up your desk & adding to your workload? Who isn’t? As your business grows, your staffing needs will grow with it, which is how Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) can help. They play a pivotal role in outsourcing your HR, payroll, and other operations suppo...
“If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.”– John C. MaxwellWe’ve heard every reason in the book. “No one can do things better than I can.” “I can’t afford it.” “I’m not sure if I can trust anyone else.” ...
Start the 2020 sales year with some real estate insider strategies from a professional who really knows: Erin McCormick-Torres, the Chief Operating Officer at Hergenrother Realty Group at Keller Williams VT. She’s at the helm of operations for the #4 top-ranked RealTrends team in America, and her...
Another New Year, more resolutions! Did you promise to lose 10 pounds again, or are you finally ready to get serious and invest in the growth & scalability your business? Whether or not you’ve already made (or broken) a New Year’s resolution, you should definitely have a focused goal for your bus...
As California’s leading local HR Services Provider, Emplicity is the simple choice for employers with up to 250 employees. Founded by Vic Tanon nearly 25 years ago, the firm has grown from a startup into a PEO powerhouse — and helped streamline the HR, compliance, payroll, workers comp, benefits ...
“Not everyone understands what human resources is and why they really need it,” says Lakeisha Robichaux, which is the reason she launched Chief of Minds in 2014. She combined her passion for human resources with her entrepreneurial spirit to launch a new type of HR service: an outsourcing provide...
What does it take to master the art of Commercial Real Estate, and once you’ve arrived, how do you take it to the next level? We’re joined by Mandy Cowin, a licensed real estate agent and the Director of Operations for Only Epic Holdings, to learn how her organization is thriving in today’s compe...
Absolutely Amazing! Our new book, Scaling Your Business With MOD Virtual Professionals, is now an international best-seller in 10 different categories & countries on Amazon — and it’s only been available for 2 weeks! These remarkable results are a true testimonial to the word-of-mouth recommendat...
RealAtom is a remarkable software platform for securing commercial real estate loans, helping hundreds of the nation’s most innovative CRE players to scale faster and more efficiently, and handling billions of dollars in loans every single year.In this remarkable interview, we join Yulia Yanni — ...


MyOutDesk - Real Estate Virtual Professionals
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Founded in 2008, MyOutDesk, LLC is the real estate industry's largest & most trusted virtual assistant staffing company, with over 5,000 clients - including half of the top 10 RealTrends 1000 teams.

We're located in Sacramento, California, with overseas offices in the Philippines managing a staff of thousands of VA's.

Outsourcing allows us to provide service for over 60% less than the cost of hiring full time staff in the USA - which saves our clients over $55 million dollars a year in expenses.

Administrative Virtual Assistants Our real estate trained, college educated, and English proficient administrative VA's will help with reception, accounting, or transaction coordination & more.

Real Estate ISA's - Our trained Real Estate ISA's are perfect for warm & cold-calling, circle prospecting, reaching out to past clients & qualifying leads.

Marketing Virtual Assistants - Our specialized Marketing VA's will post & update your MLS, Craiglist & website listings, along with graphic design & even production for walkthrough & drone videos.

Transaction Coordinators - Our Transaction Coordinators are trained to manage every step of the selling process from contract to close!