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Celebrating two of my favorite things...MRP & FootballWorking With Military / MRP DesignationYesterday I completed my studies to get my MRP designation.  I feel more accomplished than I did when I graduated from college.   Of course with football season approaching, I now have two things to celeb...
Self Directed IRA's, A gold mine for our clients! Quite a few years ago my husband and I received some information in the mail concerning a siminar about Self Directed IRA's.  Although the siminar was to be held in Indiana and we lived in Ohio at the time, we still decided to take the trip and li...
Football season has always meant friends and family, grilling out, wings, homefries with cheese, lots of beer, chips, nachoes, pizza and don't forget all the children running around.  As I watch my boys (OSU) -vs W. Michigan, I can't help but to long for my family.  Although I am still enjoying t...
 Relocation Information from Ohio to Arizona  (Preparing for the trip)              When relocating across country everything has to be moved at once. Some decide to lighten their load by having yard sales, some donate and some give items away. Most end up doing both. The trip from Ohio to Arizon...
   If I say Grand Canyon, most people will know what I am talking about.  If you come to Arizona on a golfing weekend, to find a golf course, NO PROBLEM!  Arizona has 19 beautiful casinos with directional billboards everywhere.  If you need a hospital, pharmacy, grocery store or mall, any passer-...
 Relocation Information from Ohio to Arizona (Secure Housing)  Now that you have visited Arizona and gotten a feel for the climate, freeway systems and neighborhoods, housing choices are in order.  One of the main decisions is whether to buy or rent your home.  Only those who are relocating can d...
 Homes Near Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School in Avondale Arizona;The homes near Rancho Santa Fe Elementary school in Avondale Arizona are those which are located within the Rancho Santa Fe subdivision.  This subdivision was built in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Rancho Santa Fe subdivision i...
Relocation Information from Ohio to Phoenix Arizona                          Being recently relocated from Ohio to Phoenix Arizona, I had several questions about everyday matters. I  was not working with a relocation expert, therefore much of the information that I needed was not readily availabl...

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