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So, you’re thinking about selling your home and buying a new, larger, better-located home. Excellent! Now, should you call a Realtor, a real estate agent, or a real estate broker? Is there really a difference?  While all three of these titles are used interchangeably in the business of real estat...
With a solid 2017 real estate market in Guelph, the city heads into 2018 with a respectable momentum. However, we can expect speed bumps during the first half of 2018, due to the mortgage rules implemented in January.December was a pretty hectic month in the Guelph real estate marketAccording to ...
At the end of 2017, we saw a nationwide increase in home sales as well as in housing inventory. Moncton, however, saw a spectacular, never-seen-before growth. If we take a look at national trends, it’s easy to see why there was such a significant increase in sales during December of 2017. Why did...
Following the major trends in the rest of the country, the Ottawa real estate market had a strong finish in 2017 due to a significant increase in sales during December of 2017. According to Ralph Shaw, the president of the Ottawa Real Estate Board, “December saw an increase of 8.4% in the number ...
The 2017 Regina real estate market performed lower than hoped due to a combination of government policies, a sluggish job market and a lower purchasing power from home buyers. On the other hand, an increase in housing inventory and a downward trend in home prices should benefit homebuyers in the ...
The 2017 Saskatoon real estate market had a slower market overall compared to 2016 making it the third year, in a row, of sales activity declines. As a result, the average number of days a listing sat on the market in Saskatoon was 61, as of December 2017 — a substantial increase from 51 days in ...
Sales in the average Canadian market increased significantly during November and December 2017 due to a rush of buyers trying to get into the market before the new mortgage rules came into effect in January 2018. But not every city experienced frenetic sales activity. According to Dennis Horton, ...


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