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I want too many times to scream this at others. As many know I was against smart phones because all I saw was people messing with them all the time. As I mentioned in a post a few months ago, I did not want to become one of "them". Now that I have had a smart phone a few months, "I can't imagine ...
In my former career of Auto Body and Paint, I had a situation that was not going well and the deadline was today. The boss said " If you are late they will be mad, if it isn't right they will STAY MAD". I took my laptop to a town 130 miles round trip for repairs last Thursday. They said "are busy...
Today will be a Roller Coaster day for me. I will start by  taking the NAR 3 hour required Quadrennial Ethics class. It always seems long and a lot of it boring, a "downer" if you will. You have all taken it your selves, so you know. Later I will get a call that I have a recording of escrow and i...
They pulled it out of their hat last minute, now what? I have a listing in an older 55+ manufactured subdivision in town. These are established lots and homes. Another agent brought a good offer a few weeks ago. After the inspection period was about to expire I got a contingency removal with the ...
Today I have a big Corned Beef brisket and a crock pot. What I don't have is a lot of time, hence the crock pot. I also have never done this before. In the past I have gone to 3 or more restaurants on St Paddy's day to try them all out. This year I want to see if I can beat them. Have you got a r...
I have been pondering over a question lately. The question is... are we all dealt a different hand of cards in life or do we all start with the same hand and choose to play them differently? Several in my office have recently came up with heath issues including myself. One of mine will cure soon ...
We  have heard this before, "it gets lonely at the top". What I am talking about this time is Active Rain. I have been at #8 in State for awhile and not much is going on above me. Number 2 blogs with some consistency and number 7 sometimes. Number 9 and 10 or still chasing me. Why did most of the...
In our are there area things you might know about the history of the place that you are NOT required to tell. One of those that comes to mind is whether anyone died in the home. Some people get creeped out about it. If it was a violent death as murder or suicide it can really creep them out. Ther...
In our small 4 stop light town, most that don't know my name have referred to me as the $2 bill man. The longer description is the "the Realtor from Coldwell Banker that drives the red and white 1960 Corvette and tips in $2 bills. I found out about 15 years ago when I moved here, there is a thing...
I have been working with some older "first time buyers". They lost the first home by deciding the were tired and wanted to write an offer the next morning on something that seldom comes on the market. You guessed it, it sold before we could write it. This week they were about to do it again when ...

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