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Gayle really got it on the money this time. I think she might have been talking to me. Head over and leave her a comment. This one is just plain too good to miss! Do you ever feel like there are days when you could take lessons from an EMS operator?? "Hello, Realtor 911".  "OH my GAWD, the buyer'...
Lately, I have ran across alot of businesses that don't put the phone number on bills or other correspondence. My garbage company is one.  I got a robot call that I would be fined if I didn't setup E statements with a credit union I recently bought a car from. You guessed it NO phone number on an...
"This home will take a special kind of buyer". That was a statement made today in our company sales meeting. Don't all homes take a special buyer? Like the one that actually wants it? I know I have heard this statement many times and probably have used it myself. Some how hearing it today, caused...
The real question might be "What can I learn from this"?   All to often we are focused on the Buyer and whether they are ready today. I have been on the other side of this twice recently. A month ago I took my trade in car to the next town over (65 miles one way) to show them what I had and previ...
All too often this is a question I forget to ask. Many times we get what appears to be a bad answer or a negative looking situation up ahead. If I stop to ask "what are my options"? Quite often I find there is a suitable way to go that is not painful at all. Your thoughts?
If you are dead wood long enough you have job security. I have seen so many examples of this over the years, its unbelievable. Recently I was talking to upper management of a firm that supplies service a Realtor needs, asking me why I did not use there service any in the last few years? They have...
We have a man that has been at our office well over 30 years. A top producer I might add. He was even a backup Principal Broker when the boss was out. He also was the bus driver for our company tours and the MLS tour. That amounts to 3 times a week. Retirement had been babbled about for some time...
You can sabotage your sale and not even know it. I have had a bunch of it lately. The first one I mentioned heavy pet odor when I took the listing. I mentioned the dog needs a bath frequently. You guest it, we had a bunch of showings and a bunch of negative feedback. The response was I guess we w...
A lot of people follow Roger Mucci and his tales about his mother Mickey. He surprised me with a phone call my way. It was just a few minutes and a real day brightener.  Ihis is something we should ALL be doing MORE of. I have called Sheila Anderson and shehas called me. The trick here is a 3 hou...
I went to a dealer to test drive a car I had my eye on. It was a hatchback that had a blind spot so I decided against it. I asked about trying the sedan counter part. They brought me another model thousands more. I drove it, but NOT what I was looking for. As I was leaving they offered to let me ...

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