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Florence Oregon is a small 4 stop light town of about 8,000 for population. Everyone knows the car even if they don't know me. I am known as the Realtor from Coldwell Banker Coast Real Estate that drives a 60 vette and tips in $2 bills. Will save that for another blog. Just 2 of my ear marks that...
Does a good waitstaff look your order over before delivery has been on my mind this morning. I was reflecting back to last years Oregon Realtor convention and the 2 different times that I ate in the resort. Nothing came out right. I am not that hard to please. If I order ham I did NOT want bacon....
I wonder how many times I forget to tell my sellers there is more money to collect after the sale. In Oregon we use escrow company's. The Buyers and Sellers do NOT sit at the signing table at the same time. If there is a loan it seldom closes the same day the buyers sign. Signing is a few days ah...
I was there. Gayle already beat me to posting about the meet up yesterday and is Featured! It was my first one ever in the 5 years I have been with Active Rain. It was put together by Debb Janes and Rene Fabre. Even tho it was in Washington a few of us Oregonians crossed the border. It was worth ...
Its been my policy NOT to buy lunch for Buyers unless we have written a decent offer or are discussing a good one to write right after lunch. I have heard of many who buy lunch for everyone and then wonder why they are going broke. We are  NOT in the lunch and tour business. I really hate it when...
As President of our board and former "Realtor of the Year" it was my duty to drive to the next town 2=3 hours round trip to the trophy shop. I took a sample for them to know what to make and was assured Friday a week away it would be ready. I wasn't able to make it then and went in yesterday. The...
That's the best way I can describe the town I live in. Florence is a small 4 stop light town of about 8,000 people. The large part of the population are Retirees. I can see why. We have 17 lakes for fishing and water sports. We have crabbing and clamming. With lakes , The Siuslaw River Dunes and ...
Blame this blog on Sheila Anderson. Yesterday i was commenting on her blog about weather and mentioned we have, "Rain and Not Rain" here. The truth is we have more nice days than bad. When it does rain our rain does not come from the sky, it comes from sideways. The way they know you are new in t...
I have notice that the art of counting back change has been lost. Younger kids have not been taught the art because the computerized cash register tells them what to give back. At times they still don't get it right. Math is lacking in a lot of schools. Older folks at the grocery store, hand back...
Sounds kind of like someone counting change back. A lost art that kids now days don't know how to because the machine tells them what to give the customer back. I'm getting off track as that is a whole another blog What I am referring to, is that in less than 3,000 points I will make the HALF MIL...

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