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I just returned from a Mexico vacation. As I was going thru the TSA shake down they were worried about the Samsung "bad" phones. Paranoid would be a better description.I was asked "where is your cell phone"? "At home, I'm on vacation". The most puzzled look and then "Good for you"! 
In Oregon we have a 5 page disclosure for the Seller to fill out as to whats right and wrong with the house. Repairs made, with or without permits ect.. I tell them fill it out as honest as you know how.A home inspection will verify this when the Buyers have one done. Every so often down the road...
This is not an answer line for the TV show Jeopardy.For me a TRUE vacation is a week, (I don't know what a longer one is).A true vacation is when your cell phone and Ipad or laptop stay home.A true vacation is when you do not think of the office or business.A true vacation is when you leave busin...
I have a handful of nicer than average rentals that I own. I get very little turn over.Last time I had one open a few months ago, I received many calls, I was offended that all the callers wanted to know, is where to get an application? No concern as to what I was renting or where. If they are to...
This post is inspired by Larry Johnston post on "Are flyer boxes a thing of the past'? In my area of older retirees many don't even have a computer. Frustrating when you want to email them and can't.Flyer boxes do sell homes here, just put minimal info, so they have a reason to call from their ro...
I was reading a post this morning by Sally K. & David L. Hanson  " Lesson Learned" I was reading between the lines and a possible  or part answer came to me. There seems to be a Rental shortage everywhere. Is part of the problem that many renters are "short sale and foreclosure victims". Are they...
Its a Sellers market,not a get greedy market. There is a difference.I am frustrated at the number of Sellers I have had lately that don't know the difference and would rather listen to others than my advice. I have one that is on its third pending and I doubt it will make appraisal.  I talked alo...
This post was inspired by Scott Godzyk  post this morning about Sellers waiting for more offers. I have 2 different cases doing that now.I was involved in 2 different cases where the offers were close to Full price on OVERPRICED HOMES. The homes were priced  above market comps. In both cases the ...
Kat wrote a blog this morning that she went back to her first blog she wrote to see who was her first commenter. It turned out to be me. She was surprised this morning that she was not a follower of mine.I got the same surprise, I thought for all the commenting I did over the years that I was fol...
I just got back from a family vacation for a week in Mexico. It was wonderful!I did NOT take the cell phone or laptop. I went on a REAL vacation. Many at the office wondered how could I do that? My answer is What did we do in the 70's?I came back rested and there were NO CRISIS that happened. You...

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