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Today is SuperBowl. Today is NOT the day to run to the bathroom during commercials. I saw somewhere that some commercials may cost 4 million dollars. That's alot more than the change in my ash tray. They better be good for that kind of money. I was thinking this is the only event during the year ...
This blog seems to important to miss. I thought it needs to be run by again. That night the evening news mentioned anoth chain store that thinks they may have been breached. Target continues to be tangled up in chains due to its December 2013 data breach that current estimates say affected 110 mi...
There is the quote that I hear to often. How do they know if they can even get one? How do they know the price they can afford? I also often hear, "we won't have any problem getting a loan". We were approved for X two years ago in anther state". Huh? Here is the other side of it folks. If I show ...
This is the first time our friend Roger Mucci has not shown up today. I usually can count on him (my first thing) in the morning as I am a west coaster. Sometimes Roger will blog 2 or 3 times in the same day. My concern here is Rogers mom Mickey has been ill and yesterday was suppose to be a big ...
When I am listing a rural property I check county records for permits,septic status and who really owns it. I found that the older husband paid an attorney to remove his wifes name from 2 of the properties as she is in an Alzheimer home. It was never recorded. strike one The third property that h...
Three or four years ago I was in the check out line of a discount grocery store. The gal ahead of me was probably about 25. I;m guessing a single mom with kids, most that age here, are. I say that because we are mostly a town of older retirees. She was trying to bu a big bag od shredded cheese on...
I have seen many lately mention they have ""nothing today". I have had many days I don't blog because I don't have anything to say that I feel others would want to hear. I have noticed that many I follow have gone silent. Ones that had something everyday worth while, at least to me! I miss them a...
I have had a couple instances this last year where I was contacted to be the NEXT listing agent. In  both cases there were price issues that contributed to no offers and no sale. In the more interesting case, it had been listed as an estate sale and the siblings were all out of the area. The home...
Get ready,Your next big weight gain will be noticed Monday February 3rd.  I have mention this to a few people in the last couple days. Some look at me like I'm nuts,(always a possibility). Some look shocked and some believe me and want to know, how would I know? This year Monday February 3rd is t...
This last week I have experience Builders Greed as I was showing new construction. New construction dissolved here over the last few years. Even the local home builders association dissolved. Now a few builders are sticking Their toe in the water and building spec homes. Last week I had folks who...

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