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This was the first time I got to meet Thubten Comerford.  Whenever I see someone who is a social media expert it is a big red flag for me.  I know a lot about social media, and could almost call myself an expert.  I wish these people would have to get a license.  There might be more social media ...
Joe Sabbah is a very accomplished speaker and author.  I was really excited as this seemed like it would help me the most with my real estate career.  I have done around ten seminars in my real estate career and really enjoy it.  If I can learn to incorporate public speaking more effectively in m...
EJ Thornton was a great speaker and the person who put this whole event together.  She has written several books and acts as a publisher for many more. EJ Thornton talked about how a book has three milestones Getting a book writtern Getting your book published Getting your book read She talked ab...
Jonathan Manske was the first speaker that I saw at the Writers Conference.  I'm always suspicious of somebody who calls themselves a life coach.  I must say that I was blown away by his presentation.  For somebody who does a lot of public speaking watches a lot of public speakers, and sales trai...
How to hire an editor was an extremely interesting topic for me.  I had never thought of it, but I'm not really an aspiring professional writer.  It was obvious that by looking around in the crowd that several of these other people hadn't either.  I guess that why we have a Writers Summit. She st...
Yesterday I attended the 2nd annual Rocky Mountain Writers Summit.  It was a free event for all types of aspiring authors.  I attended out of curiosity and my business reason was to potentially write books about real estate to enhance my business.  There is always that sneaky suspicion or desire ...
I don't mean this in a literal way.  I'm certain some of you have sold more HUD homes than me.  I've sold a few but I'm looking at changing my marketing strategy.  After a long layoff, due to medical issues I'm jumping back in the deep end of real estate.  What I have done mostly to this point wa...
DENVER METRO MARKET FOR $1 MILLION OR GREATER DECEMBER, 2010 To see a list of Denver metro area million dollar homes for sale click here. Forty three (43) single family homes sold/closed in December, 2010 for $1 Million or greater. Forty two (42) were residential and one (1) was a condo. . For re...
Real estate offices seem to be hotbeds of gossip compared to other industries I have been involved with.  I have a few theories about why this is, I know at least a couple could get me severely flamed.  There are two types of offices The big office - room for lots of brokers, lots of brokers show...
I am very excited about becoming The Hud Stud.  No link set up for site not even the design is up yet.  I had some time off last year due to a horrible knee accident.  I haven't been doing any lead generation for months so my funnel is dry.  Stupid!  Stupid! Stupid!  I wasn't able to walk or even...

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