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I have been getting a bunch of comments on some of my earlier posts asking me if I really think that it will take years for the housing market to start to improve. Now, granted that many of these are from people in the business who need to think that the turnaround is soon, but COME ON! Look arou...
Four of the top ten Reverse Mortgage lenders were taken over in the past twelve months. The reason is that Reverse Mortgages are the only bright spot in the whole mortgage arena. All forward mortgage products and lenders are getting killed (on a national level) Yet Reverse Mortgages continue to g...
As I discussed before, in most areas of the country, property values will be dropping for some time. if you are thinking about getting a Reverse or any mortgage loan on a property you already own, you better move quickly. You will get less as time goes by and you appraised value gets lower
There is new legislation pending in congres taht is supposed to help the victims of foreclosure, whereby there would be a delay of as much as twelve months put into the legal process. Thisis not good for 99% of the people in this country. here's why: If you are in the 1% (probably less) who did n...
I have noticed that (finally) there are efforts being made to create better press for Reverse Mortgages. This has been a long time comng as most of the press and media attention is negative. The main reasons for this, as I see it, are that most people in teh media don't understand teh product at ...
If you are looking to take a Reverse Mortgage on a second home, co-op or if your home is worth more than $600,000 or want to use a Reverse Mortgage for a purchase, you better hurry up!. These four scenarios are not allowed on the FHA (HECM) product (for the larger loans, they are allowed, but you...
What is holding Congress up? Congress has been playing around with FHA reform for almost a year. The legislation passed through both houses, but got held up in conference committee when the economic stimulus bills started earlier this year. When the legislation finally passes, FHA Reverse mortgag...

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Reverse Mortgages.