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My background in in Computer Science, but my passion is in real estate.   I have recently been doing a ridiculous amount of research on how to marry the two together.  Unlike other geeks, (meant as a term of endearment) I like to keep things SIMPLE.  If something isn't SIMPLE, especially for us r...
In the recent weeks, I have noticed that BofA is behaving strangely.  Not that they didn't before.  All my short sales with them have overdue tasks by their negotiators and they are postponing sales 15 days at a time.  I've been working with BofA for awhile and this is the first time that I've se...
In February, 2009, I had some people come to me asking for help with their homes.  They wanted to do a loan modification and wanted a referral.  At the time, all the chaos hadn't happened with the Fraud and Scams related to loan mods.  I had a couple of colleagues and clients tell me they had suc...
 I've gotten a lot of questions about the difference between REOs vs Short Sales.  I have an extensive description of what an REO is on my website - but in summary, it is a piece of real estate that has already gone through the foreclosure process, did not get purchased at the trustee sale, and h...
As many of you know, the Feds have lowered rates significantly recently.  Wondering why your mortgage payment hasn't gone down even though the Feds has lowered rates? It is a common misconception that mortgage rates are tied to the federal funds rate. In fact, mortgages in general are not directl...

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