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My last music post was for a ~12 second ringtone, now I am posting another short track called Syrupy Funk Drive. In addition to writing and performing the brief amount of music on this track, I produced a video to accompany the track. Syrupy Funk Drive - The Jay Allen One And here's the video... ...
This is the first campaign ad that I've seen with an actor portraying a candidate. In Kentucky there is a very entertaining, negative campaign, by both parties, for Mitch McConnell's seat in the U.S. Senate. This 30 second ad features an actor portraying Mitch McConnell. In the commercial, McConn...
During the past couple of months, I have posted several political blogs. However, with the election less than a week from now, there will soon be less emphasis on politics both in the news and on my blogs. One of my favorite hobbies, outside of arguing about politics, is composing/writing/recordi...
Salaried professionals/white collar workers are more likely to have control of their work schedule than hourly blue collar workers. Therefore, white collar workers would have easier access to the election booth than their blue collar counterparts. It seems logical that this would create a situati...
Yesterday, I posted an article about Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and his CEO friends losing hundreds of millions of dollars from their personal portfolios. In fact, during the last 20 months Paulson has lost nearly $300 Million from stock at Goldman Sachs, his former employer. It seems that ...
Today's telecast of The McLaughlin Group showed 10 of the biggest losers from the current mess on Wall Street.  9 of the 10 could be described as friends of Secretary Henry Paulson and the other one is Paulson himself.  Here's the list biggest CEO losers based on their personal portfolio of compa...
There has been a great deal of discussion this week about what Barack Obama and John McCain are paid to do. No one would argue against the fact that Obama and McCain are paid by taxpayers to serve as senators. It is also a fact that they have both been paid hundreds of millions of dollars by thos...
According to several published reports, John McCain is suspending his campaign and does not want to debate Obama in 2 days.  His excuse is that he wants to focus on the economic crisis.  I think we can all agree we're facing a global economic crisis.  However, what could McCain do with his time o...
Many of you are familiar with the TLC show "Flip That House" and other similar shows on HGTV.  Do you all find these shows to be informative or simply a form of entertainment? It seems to me that these shows provide as much educational value for remodeling and construction as Dr. 90210 provides f...
An article in the current Time Magazine by Amanda Ripley looks at "10 Good Things About $4 Gas" - Below are a few highlights... 4 day work weeks - government and private companies are moving away from the 5 day work weeks Less traffic - (in Boston, turnpike use declined by 600,000 cars in May) Le...

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Providing a deep, distinctive and American voice for businesses and events.

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