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My blog is on adventures of being in real estate and what is happening in Jackson and Oxford (Ole Miss) Mississippi and my Aulstralian Labradoodle Teddy Bear!
Relocation, real estate and financing are major concerns of Senior Medical students starting their new residency across the country... These senior medical students have been working hard for 4 years to get to the place they are finally crossing the line becoming Physicians and will be able to go...
I have not written lately about starting my new real estate company but I have been very busy!  I am up and running... Took my new partner to the NAR convention... it took me over 1 week to recover! ( am I getting old? )I have been in this business as a real estate agent in Jackson Metro area of ...
Many of you who live outside of the great state of Mississippi have no idea what a great place we live in.  I have 3 daughters and 1 son in law in Los Angeles.  I like to visit for about 4 days but after that, I am ready to come home.  Let me tell you why everyone needs to retire or move to Missi...
Today being Thanksgiving.. I am so thankful.  Great friends.. great family.. a great and wonderful husband... A fantastic church family... I have a great real estate job... a great real estate company.. a great real estate partner(Meta Poole Ginn) the greatest agents and employees... my health is...
I don't know about the rest of you but I have been amazed how many people want to lookat homes  around the holidays!  My schedule this week is full except for Thanksgiving Day!As we approach the end of the year I think we will be totally astonished how many people will buy homes before January 1....
I love to learn.... its hard for me to believe that a girl from Jesup, Ga. who hated school as a young person could love to learn as much as I do now... I guess its a good thing since I am having to learn so much now... The NAR was great for me.. I met alot of independent office folks.. or as we ...
Save your money and next year if you did NOT go to the NAR convention go!!!! The expo was wonderful.. in fact I was never able to make it to the whole expo!!!  Learning about our economy, about ways to market in a buyers market, hearing great speakers from all over the world was so valuable!  TIP...
I opened my doors in Ridgeland, Ms. about 3 weeks ago.. Barely!!! I opened my doors in Oxford, Ms. last Friday!  I am now the proud owner of not 1 but 2 offices!!!  I have had more people say wow.. you have lost your mind!  Have I?  Do I have anything to offer that another 1200 firms does not?  I...
WE are getting very close to opening... I know many of you have great ideas... would you mind sharing them!  I would really appreciate it.. what software do you like?  How can I make my agents life easier?  What do you think is the best training system?  THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!!! Julie
Starting a new real estate company is interesting enough but there are so many things to think about!  All of you Brokers out there... I truely appreciate you now!!!  If you are independant.. its even harder!  software, hiring, changing hats( you are not trying to be an agent any more!) training ...

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