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The word of the week is juxtaposition. According to, juxtaposition means: an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, esp. for comparison or contrast. Would you like to use juxtaposition in a sentence? Photo source: / C...
JC Kiadii, Mortgage Internet Marketing and Virtual Assistance Services . 770-469-7385. As you may know, the word of the week is amalgamate, so I thought I would use it in a blog post. It's become very popular to add social media buttons on your website or blog so that people can easily find othe...
Word of the week - Amalgamate According to, amalgamate means to mix or merge so as to make a combination; blend; unite; combine. Photo credit: / CC BY 2.0 Don't miss the next post - Subscribe to this blog and get updates in your email. http://w...
No time for social media? Try these steps. Copyright © JC Kiadii, Mortgage Virtual Assistant and Online Marketing Specialist Think you don't have time for social media (blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)? Perhaps you are right. Here are a few facts. Successful social media demands a sub...
So, some of you may know that the word of the week is my homage to my tenure as a grammarian. What if you want to raise a future grammarian? Try giving them the book: Ounce, Dice, Trice. This delightful book of nonsense words by Alastair Reid, with illustrations by Ben Shahn, introduces children ...
If you have some wisdom to share about owning your own real estate business, please answer Jaclyn's questions.No doubt about it, we are experiencing some never-seen-before trials and tribulations in our profession. Mega real estate and mortgage companies have failed, businesses that have prevaile...
Word of the Week - Vicissitude I'm willing to bet most of you have never heard of this week's word - vicissitude. According to, vicissitude is a noun which means: 1. a change or variation occurring in the course of something. 2. interchange or alternation, as of states or things. 3...
5 Ideas for a Simpler Mortgage Marketing Plan JC Kiadii, Mortgage Virtual Assistance and Internet Marketing Services . 770-469-7385. It's that time of the year again - time to analyze what worked for your mortgage business in 2009, and make plans for a more profitable year ahead. Creating your 20...
  GroupOn offers coupons (at least 50% off) on all types of products and services in your local area. When I checked for my area (Atlanta), for example, deals on the following services: Oil change and tire rotation American Adventures Dining Dental cleaning and exams Spa treatments Manicures & Pe...
Did you know about this MS Office 2007 add-on? JC Kiadii, Mortgage Virtual Assistance and Internet Marketing Services . 770-469-7385. I teach a "What's New with Office 2007" course, to help people transitioning from Office 2003 to 2007. One of the features students (even those who've already work...

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