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Insights for buyers and sellers on real estate in the Annandale MN area.
The Top 10 Baby Name list is in and oh it's fun to see the next upcoming generation of kids names. The St. Cloud Hospital in St. Cloud, Mn just published the list for 2010. There are some very old fashioned names that made it too. Total births were 2,682. Top Girls                                ...
Kristal Kraft from Denver Colorado posted this excellent recap of managing emails and retaining them for future needs. Our emails on the broker server are deleted automatically at 6 months old. If you want to retain them on a personal email file Kristal gives excellent instruction!Recently I wrot...
Edina Realty, Buffalo, MN When you are purchasing a home, there are thousands of dollars involved. Most first time home buyers don't realize the significance of how their monthly payment can be affected by a simple change in interest rates. Right now interest rates on home purchases have never be...
The Annandale Advocate posted a news article this week about the increased numbers of elementary school children who are relying on federal subsidies for their one square meal a day. Superintendant Steve Niklaus stated one in three kids at Bendix Elementary qualify for the reduced lunch program w...
Edina Realty in Buffalo Wright County Minnesota real estate sales data through the end of Nov. 2010 has been up and down since the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit expired this spring. Overall, the real estate market held it's own with many investors coming back into the market. Nationally, 39% o...
Edina Realty in Buffalo recommends that before you list your home for sale, that you consider these tips regarding your beloved furry friends. Buyers are quick to eliminate homes for sale in Wright County if the condition reflects wear and tear from Max the Yorkie or Spanky, your mischievous oran...
We were out driving to an Exceptional Properties meeting, this is where all or our real estate agents gather to review our upper end properties, give feedback to the listing agent on price, condition, etc. and usually an excellent lunch is served. Today it was pasta and pizza from Biaggi's Ristor...
Edina Realty, Buffalo Mn has been watching short sales in our local communities since the first of the year.  Short sales are situations where the home owner must sell for less than what is owed on the mortgage. Although in most of the cases, the home owner has suffered some type of hardship that...
New lake shore listing for sale on Granite Lake in Annandale MN. Kathy Smith of Edina Realty has this lovely property at 2195 Kimball Ave in Annandale, has many amenities to delight your senses.   Enjoy this 2005 built quality property on a quiet lake. Granite Lake is 350 acres and is located in ...
The Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors produces a monthly video indicating trends and watch items in the local housing market. If you would like to see what's happening here check it out: The Monthly Skinny  

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