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When you sew a garment, you use thread to bind the pieces of fabric together. That thread needs to do its job properly, with just the right tension, with just the right application, in order to complete the job at hand.As REALTORS, we're like that thread. We follow the directions of our clients a...
That sounds like a command. Open the pod bay doors, Hal! Seriously though, increase the canopy. The urban canopy, that is, by means of planting trees. Not only are they beautiful, they increase property values, lower summer temperatures by as much as 10 degrees, and are great for the environment....
We’ve all seen the posts on social media. Accompanied by photos, the captions cry out “Look what I saw today!”  and  “Can you believe someone’s house looks like this?”  or “What was the Seller thinking?” It is challenging, when we see something incredulous, to not want to share that with the rest...
… Most of the Time.    It’s been a bit of a crazy day today in terms of business with lots of details to follow up in many different directions. I’ve had multiple calls today that were out of the blue… the unrealistic buyer who is under the misconception that a low credit score is enough to get a...
Delaware has some excellent programs available for first-time homebuyers. Among them is the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) First-Time Homebuyer tax credit. This is a federal income tax credit, designed to make home ownership more affordable. For those who choose to use this program, they...
In reviewing a home inspection report this week, I saw where the inspector noted that a carbon monoxide detector is required near the bedrooms. Although I do believe they are very important, I don’t believe they are required here in Delaware by law. So, that got me searching. I found this link wi...
 I posed a question today here on Active Rain about home inspections to gain some knowledge about how other REALTORS approach a home inspection, i.e., do you attend them with your Buyers (or for your Sellers) and what your general take is on them. The HUD document “For Your Protection: Get a Home...
How your FHA purchase is affected by a flip A Buyer client is in the process of using an FHA mortgage to purchase a flipped property. Turns out he can't close when he had hoped because it's a flip, he's using FHA, and there wasn't enough time between the Seller's acquisition and the execution of ...
Following up to the What's in Your Yard? No. I'm actually advocating support of your local community with plant sales that might be sponsored to support local activities.Here in Northern Delaware, Mount Pleasant High School is in the midst of their Annual Plant Sale to benefit the After Prom. Won...
Clients of mine are preparing for a home inspection this week. Like many Buyers, as soon as they charted their course to home ownership, they discovered all the other friends and family members who are either in the process of buying, or who just bought... or who have a whole lot of advice about ...

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