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I have made great strides over the last few months as it relates to activity focused time when working on or in my business. I have also learned how to reduce mulit-tasking and diminish return of time invested versus productivity. The changes have increased my quality time at home and my communic...
We all work hard every day. We all have levels of concern as it relates to our business and the market. The reality is we all are gifted with great amounts of flexibility as it relates to our schedules. I have made sure that I take advantage of this great gift. Threedays a week I am home by 430 p...
The news media everyday is providing information to the nation about the real estate and mortgage industries. The reality is much of this information is negative or has a negative slant. The reality is we need to continue to educate people on the positives rates are excellent and inventory is gre...
We all know that we must continue growth. The way to grow is to embrace change. We must change ourselves and sometimes this is not easy to do. I have a friend who is a financial advisor. Once a week she calls me with the question of the week. Three weeks ago she asked me what I was going to do in...
We all have things that we are not comfortable doing. I know some people that do not like doing calls to their past clients. I know others that do not like going out to lunch with business partners. I know others that do not like to do continuing education to better themselves. The bottom line is...
I have spent sometime reviewing client satisfaction data. In the end it is very clear that many fail to reach client satisfaction levels that they would desire to reach. The reason that I believe that this problem arises is the lack of proper timely communication. My thought is a simple one if yo...
The weekend is almost here. We that work in real estate really do not have weekends. Most of us are available to prospects, business partners and clients on the weekends. My question is what was the highlight of your week as it relates to business? What are you going to do on Friday to make this ...
My goal of this post is to get an idea of what others do for client closing gifts. Many people I have talked to do different things. I think by getting ideas from others on the things they find that work will bring a benefit to us all. I also have talked to many that NEVER do any client closing g...
My goal is to have you inform me of the ways that you acquire new prospects and turn those prospects into clients. I know that everyone concentrates on different things to bring there business in. If you read my blogs you will see that I approach the business in a unique way. I also believe in le...
A gift from active rainI did not write these words, but I love them and think we can all find truth here. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day! Birth Certificate shows that we were born A Death Certificate shows that we diedPictures show that we lived!Have a seat . . . Relax . . . And read t...

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