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I must say that one thing that seems to stick out to my clients is that I am a HUGE baseball fan. My clients all know that I love Baseball. I have many signed items and each year I send a redsox schedule. I must say at least 15 times a year someone will stop me while I am at a store or walking do...
Many people talk about focus. My question is do you think that you have focus. Focus on what is right and wrong as well as why it is right or wrong? Focus on what excites you and makes you the best that you can be? Focus on ensuring that you are bringing value to all those that are around you? Wh...
We all should provide the best real estate and mortgage services since we are professionals. My question is do you bring other value. You are now a trusted ad-visor. Many of your clients are new to the area. Are you introducing them to: Your Tax Accountant Your Landscaper Your Mechanic Your babys...
Today was another lesson that things are always moving. Did anyone see the market today? This wasafter the great 700 + bailout was passed. Where will tomorrow be? Well that is the magic question. The reality is that this moving market combined with the media is bringing borrowers great concern an...
Despise is a very strong word but the reality is most people do not have a great positive image when they hear the word Mortgage broker or Mortgage loan officer. I have read many blogs in AR that are very negative towards the mortgage people in their market. It appears obvious why the Realtors do...
With the new week about start what will you be doing to ensure that it is the most productive possible. I have decided to invest time with my ACT database. I have decided to work on scheduling and this is already in place I have three business to business meeting on Monday scheduled. I have commi...
The 4th quarter of 2008 is upon us. We have heard so much negative in 2008 regarding real estate. The reality is this is a great time of options for people. They have many homes to choose from. First time buyers can now afford a home where 3 years ago they could not. The media needs to be control...
It is a simple question. In the end if the answer is no then what are you going to do to change this so that you are? Please do read my other blogs and comment since many are focused on ways of making changes. Again make your goal this weekend to do something fun. Since this will produce a smile ...
Friday is the end of the week for many in the community. I do not see Friday as the end of the week but instead as the day that usually has the most activity of the week as it relates to communication. Each one of my clients that are in the loan process recieve an update call. Fridays are often t...
We all know that much of the real estate and mortgage business in farming. Not all our contacts are in need of financing or a home at this point in time. The reality is that we must get our name in front of the people that will be able to benefit from our services in the future. My question is wh...

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