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We are all blessed with different skills and abilities which are our own personal gifts. It is easy for us all to allow our gifts to go unused or get a bit dusty. The reality is that 2008 was not a great year for many.  It felt like every time we turned on the cable there was something negative b...
Everyday people come up to me or my wife and say wow, it must be tough for anyone in real estate related industries these days since the banks are not lending money. I was puzzled why this theme seemed to be recurring time and time again Then I took a few minutes and really started listening and ...
The reality is the 2008 year is almost over. Tomorrow is the 1st of December. I have committed to myself to reach out to all of my past clients and business contacts over the next two weeks with a phone call and vm to each. This list will be over 300 contacts. In past years my clients all receive...
I live in MA. Baseball is still the top game in BOSTON. We have been blessed with great teams over the last few years. We have had some of the most exciting young talent. We have one of the best GM's in the game. Baseball is a year long sport for many. We are able to follow baseball even when the...
The market is an interesting one. I would like to learn more about what people in the industry are doing differently. I believe it is key for us all to learn from others. I have started doing more reading. I have done much less on-line with active rain. I have started doing annual mortgage review...
Do you have a Role Model? I will tell you a bit about my role model. Her name is Sylvia. She is a great women in her 70's. She lives life to it's fullest every day. She has a focus of helping others. She is the definition of significance in my eyes. She does everything that she can to impact the ...
It is interesting how people try to manage time but the reality is that it cannot be managed. What can be managed is the events that we try to accomplish during the time in a day a week or a month. We always here people say (I do not have enough time!!!) The reality is once an hour has passed you...
Hello All: What a time it is for the first time buyer to purchase a home. The first time buyer has a TON of options. In Holliston MA we have several homes in GREAT neighborhoods that are under 300k. The reality is that first time buyers should take their timie and have a pre application consultat...
Wow the stock market has been on a wild ride over the last few months. At the same time the mortgage backed securities portion of the bond market has been on a wild ride as well. The volatility has had us see mortgage rates be almost a full point swing in a 60 day period. My question is what feed...
I was inspired by a great blogger today. A blogger local to my area has a great ability to bring people to his site and educate them on real estate and other items. So I started to think about gifts that we all have and if we use them to aid others. This blogger I thought could highlight some non...

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