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We have all experienced loss. Many deal with it in different ways in the short term. Everyone grieves differently and people should respect that and learn from it.  This Sunday not only is the celebration of Easter but it also marks the date that 15 years ago when God reached down and saw her tir...
Do you beleive that we will see an increase in Foreclosures? We all know that due to legal loop hole issues that most foreclosures slowed up or got put on hold at the end of 2010. It appears that some of these issues have been dealt with. Fact is that many homeowners are finding themselves four o...
My friends in metro west. I wanted to recommend pepperoncini restaurants. The reason is simple. The quality of the food is top notch. The prices are reasonable. The service is great. Clients have two excellent options either Framingham or Milford. The owner is a great business person and is alway...
I grew up in Holliston MA. I have now moved back to raise my family here. It is a great town with great education and incredible community. It does lack a good Restaurant. So if you live in this area and you like history I recommend checking out http://www.wayside.org/. The wayside inn will give ...
Many Realtors will say Top Producers Others will say use act or outlook. I have been hearing a ton of good things about sales force.   Any thoughts and feedback would be great.  Also how did you get yourself into the habit of using the database and what impact has it had on your business?  
I know many have moved away from the town they grew up in. Some miss their home town others would rather forget it ever existed. Well for those of you that grew up in Holliston MA and miss it I have just the thing for you. We are blessed to have an free online website that keeps everyone updated ...
Today was a great day. I had my client close on their new home in their home town. Like many transactions these days in the mortgage industry it had it's share of curve balls. In the end we closed this morning at 9am right on time.  Late morning I was sitting in my office and the Realtor made a s...
Consumers should take the time to get educated before starting to look for a new home.  Here are some things they should do. When trying to find a good mortgage professional they should ask their friends and business contacts for a referral. Another option would be to search linkedin or go on the...
I have been very impressed with how many people have moved back to the town they grew up in. To me this shows a true value of a town. Why you may ask?  The answer is simple people value that town so much that they want to move back after moving away is a huge testimonial to the gifts the town has...
How are you finding the service level that you are receiving from the people that provide you service? We all receive service every day. It may be from the bank teller, the mechanic or the store clerk. It may be from your accountant, your hairdresser or your lawyer. In the end I ask that you give...

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