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REO's will be the only market for most of us for the next few years.  My market here in Florida is flooded.  Our prices are sitting at 2004 levels.  The fair market value is almost gone, since how can they compete? Have we really ever seen this type of market before ?   Hang on for a long ride...
Are home prices still declining? I think we are still seeing a decline, but some areas are leveling off which is a promising sign.  The government will have to step in with a set interest rate for all these next wave of adjustable loans ready to reset or we will have another flood of foreclosures...
Time to be thankful for all our blessings.... I have had my worst year ever in Real Estate!!!  But I have the most wonderful grandaughter so I am having the best time of my life... Hopefully 2009 will be a little better of a year for me in Real Estate.  I am learning so much about short sales, it...
Let's hope the bail out will help all of us recover in this market... maybe we have found the bottom now.  This has been the toughest market for most of us and we would all like to see the light at the end of this train wreck. 
With so many short sales, foreclosures in our market place it is truly difficult to navigate in this industry.  So many buyers want a so called "deal" and I am not sure these properties are a deal.  But if you put those words in front of the list price they automatically assume bargains.  Radio a...
Wonderful networking tool.... I would like to introduce myself to the community.... I specialize in Residential Real Estate.  I first started selling Real Estate in Louisville, Ky (1982) and when we came here from Roseville, California, I again started all over in 2001.  But so far Florida has be...
This is my first attempt at Blogging... interesting concept and in this slow economy I do have time to do this....

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Prices are now back at 2003, 2004 levels and still no bottom. We can only hope someone knows what they are doing? Tim G states in a few weeks the bad bank assets will be bought by private investors??? This ought to be worth reading about, everytime we think it can't get much worse "surprise"....We all will be selling only REO's for next few years...