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These are the types of services that we offer under the HUD 203k, and the Energy Efficiency Mortgage Programs. Construction management of HUD installed retrofits and installations. These are the ancillary analysis that could be included in a more comprehensive evaluation * Property types, location & overall condition * Energy profile & behavioral effects * Energy Analysis * Computer Modeling/Blower Door and Thermo Graphic Analysis * Structural and Building Material Analysis * Electric Deregulation Education * Energy Conservation Education * Lighting evaluation * Appliance efficiency * Domestic hot water use * Steam distribution & master venting * Solar energy potential * Geo-Thermal potentials * Insulation and Thermal Window replacement * Weatherization * Heating System Analysis * Health and Safety Issues * Energy Appraisals *Final sign-off of completed retrofits and installations. Fees for Related services will be according to HUD’s 203K Guidelines. 1. What is my experience, i.e., how long, how many? Consulting since 2000. Training 203k Consultants since 2004 continuously. Over 500 project's completed as an individual. I have provided more than 2,500 draw inspection since 2000. 2. Ask for a copy of a completed work write up. A sample work write is available upon request. 3. What is my turn around time for completing a work write up? Same day to 24 hours typically How long does it take to get the report once you have seen the property? Typically a few days (2-3) depending on the availability of the other reports that may exist or are being prepared for the property as we MUST include all other reports in our report and comment on them. If the pest report, home inspection report, etc is in our possession things go much faster. The bid specs are filled out when you get the report. The contractor's bids may take a few days longer. Once the contractor has been awarded a bid his/her numbers are input and the final report is sent to the lender. 4. What territory do I cover? New York, New Jersey, Connecticut 5. What is the time frame for going to the property when the borrower calls for an inspection? Depends on the work load at the time of the call. Typically this is the same day, or the next day, rarely more than two days. 6. Do I follow HUD’s Fee schedule? Yes as far as it goes. I have increased my fees beyond the HUD scope as follows; Scope of Work Fee $125,000 - $149,999 $1,200 $150,000 - $174,999 $1,400 $175,000 - $199,999 $1,600 over $200,000 in work $2,000 7. How do I handle change orders? That is up to the lender client. Typically our clients want us to determine for them if the change order is a valid change order and authorize the work to be completed. They typically only want to see the change order once it has been completed. A change order may only be for items that were unforeseen at the time of the original write up or of a health and safety nature. Beyond that if 90% of the original scope of work has been completed and there is no indication it will be needed the borrower may elect to make improvements that enhance the value of the property with the remaining contingency money. 8. Do I perform Feasibility Studies? If so, at what cost? If the borrower decides to proceed, will they deduct the cost for the Feasibility from the cost of the completed work write up? Yes, I perform Feasibility Analysis. We charge $225+mileage. No I don't credit the fee against fees for our other products. This is a separate product and has a specific purpose that is not the same as a full consultation. The inspection is limited to noting the deficiencies at the site... then write a report there is not enough time to make a proper 'in-depth' inspection required of a full 203k consultation we do charge a full fee if the work proceeds. A full consultation includes a "home inspection" or "property inspection" to determine the good as well as the bad and this inspection takes longer and an additional trip to the site. Additional information that may be helpful in your decision making process What I do for you at the time of the first inspection. I will provide all the mandatory disclosure contracts to your borrower and go over them so they understand those contracts as part of our consultation. Copies will be left with your borrower with instructions to mark them up and if there are any questions they should contact you or I and get them answered prior to close of escrow. I also provide you with 100% of the forms you need to add to your 203(b) paperwork to be ready for underwriting. Since the MMW (Maximum Mortgage Worksheet) is YOUR responsibility, the form is only to help you to fill yours out as we are not always aware of all of your numbers and fees. 9. What special skills do I have? I am a Residential Energy Manager. Work scopes are designed to help stabilize or reduce energy cost. I can prepare the energy audit for the Energy Efficiency Mortgage Program.
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