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Prepare For Home Ownership Home ownership offers some great rewards, but it also comes with some costs. If you're not prepared for these costs, they can blindside you throughout the ownership of your home. When you're thinking about buying a home for the first time, make sure you're prepared for...
Home Buying Traps Buying a home is a great investment. You're accruing money for your future, you're not throwing away money on rent and you can use the equity in your home or your home's value to get cash when you need it in the future. Buying a home also has psychological benefits and practica...
You CAN Raise the Necessary Cash to Buy a Home You Can Raise Cash To Buy Your Home When polling renters, one of the most common reasons people cite for not buying a home is that they can't afford it. Most renters feel that they can't afford to come up with the necessary down-payment to buy a home...
Are You an Average First-Time Buyer? On June 2, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Average First Time Home Buyer First time home buyers usually fit within a few statistics, and real estate agents and mortgage lenders have certain expectations from this crowd. The average first-time buyer is 32.2 years ol...
I am reading this  ebook currently. Finding some really good info in it, so much that I bought the right to distribute to friends and associates free of charge. Let me know if you'd like a copy.

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