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Yesterday, a thread on a private facebook group turned ugly. This isn’t the first time. For over a decade there has been an underlying dispute. Much like our nation’s current political climate, the polarization has become extreme and now threatens the growth and success of the industry, as a whol...
For those of you who don't know me, I've been an active RESA supporter since Day 1. Actually BEFORE day 1. Shell, RESA founder and President, and I spoke about RESA before it was official. Up until December 2017, I've been in leadership every day of it's existence. I stepped down because of what ...
Clean means different things to different people. When selling, you really need to take it to the extreme, because they are really looking at your home from all angles. Literally. Here are some things to double-check: Tall people-• Dusty ceiling fans• Top of fridge• Tops of framed art and TV's• D...
While I am a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams, I have put that hat into moth balls and instead spend my time as a professional home stager. My husband quit his job last year to take over my real estate team. Last week we lost a deal that should have been easy cheesy. The deal was all cash on...
The word "pergola" describes an outdoor, freestanding or attached airy structure that provides a modicum of shade to a particular area. It can be large, encompassing a wide gathering area, or small, perhaps over a doorway, or garage, or seating area. They can be elaborate, with Doric columns as s...
After two years of really oogie choices for Color of the Year, Pantone has finally picked a winner just this past December. It's really starting to pick up steam. Everyone will be wearing it on March 17th, when every major city in the nation will celebrate our Color of the Year with parades and f...
Perfect furniture choice and placement are the hallmarks of professionally trained Stagers. And once you've viewed enough staged homes, you'll notice this somewhat odd, recurring sparsity.No, your stager isn't low on inventory. And he or she is not trying to up-sell to a larger, more satisfying s...
Rave Home Staging Facebook Page The whole point of home staging is to increase value perception for the asking price, so a buyer will happily pay that asking price. This is achieved with skillful inventory selection, and art is definitely an important part of our in-house inventory.Matchy-matchy...
Answer: No. A few "flourishes" here and there will not increase the probability of a quick sale at full asking price."Vignette" Staging is not even staging, by ANY definition. In fact, it's a misnomer. When you boil down the definition of the word vignette, it basically means "a little flourish."...
Targeting a home sale to the demographic most likely to buy the home is a best marketing practice.  A study by The National Association of Realtors conducted in 2016 states that 61 % of buyers right now were born between the years of 1965 and 2000. 35% of them are millennials.One of the most impo...

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Jacksonville Real Estate and Home Staging
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