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I have been working with buyers exclusively for a whole year now and I LOVE it!  Now, before I joined the real estate profession I was an elementary school teacher (I taught 4th grade for two years and 5th grade for two years), which prepared me well working with buyers. It has been my experience...
As I have blogged about before, I am part of a team and one of the blessings and curses about being part of a team is that we all help out with open houses.  Now, let me first fill you in, currently we have like 60 listings so we are constantly doing open houses. I know that open houses can be a ...
Hello all!  I know I have already blogged about the beauty of being on a team, and some of you disagreed with me, but I just have to tell ya, our team rocks.  Really, we are like one big family and it makes this job so much easier.  Just think of all the stresses and obstacles that you as one age...
So after this week I am convinced that their is some cruel and evil real estate spirit out there who watches real estate agents and just when things seem to be going well with a transaction, POOF, he decides to mess everything up with a low appraisal.  Yes, folks, this has happened to me twice th...
      Recently all of the negative media attention about the "mortgage meltdown" has many buyers second guessing their pursuit of homeownership.  When actually, if you are thinking of buying a primary or even a secondary home and can afford it, now is a great time to buy. Mortgage rates remain ve...
Happy Friday Everyone!Our team had a Top Producer training session on Wednesday with Tim Winters, who is fabulously brilliant, and he helped me find the widget i was looking for.  So I thought I would share it with everyone: If you go to   you can get a widget that will allow client...
Happy Thursday everyone!  I have just started exploring sites like but I am in search for a widget that can1.  link a live feed to this blog on my team's website  2. allow clients to ask questions on our website and then send their questions to my pda, kind of like IM Any suggest...
We've all heard the old sayings "Two heads are better than one" and "many hands make light work."  In fact, given the choice, most of us would probably prefer working with a group of people, who are all are dedicated towards reaching the same goal, then trying to tackle a task all by ourselves.  ...

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