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Love it or hate it, there is no doubt that the, now passed, health care reform bill will mean a lot of changes to the health insurance landscape. As a REALTOR, one of the biggest issues I have had since starting in the business was paying for a health insurance. And I am a healthy, single man wit...
I have been using Wordpress for my blog going on two years now. In that time, I have learned a lot and had more than a few overhauls on my blog. I have been using a "magazin style" layout for my blog since I started it. I always figured it was more user-friendly those people who aren't familiar w...
If you post frequently on Craigslist for real estate, you have undoubtedly ran into the problem of having posts flagged. Sometimes people don't take kindly to a link to a youtube tour or something similar, but it usually comes down to a couple spiteful people just decided to have a little fun and...
With the glut of social marketing choices and other electronic information sharing out there, it is tough deciding where to focus your attention sometimes. I am very proactive on my business blog, try to stay active here on Activerain, follow various local urban news forums and blogs, try to stay...
If you've come to my activerain site hoping to find a nice collection of articles, I am sorry to disappoint. I do, however, have a blog on another platform which has a few hundred posts: St. Louis Investment Realty ( This blog focuses on investing in rental properties, su...

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