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At this Holiday Season, we want to reflect on how hard it is to make ends meet, the housing market is now being reported as worse than expected and almost 7 million homeowners are delinquent or under water in their home. Please let us know how we can help. We have closed more than others and actu...
WE HELP HOMEOWNERS...I said it, we are the ones who take the time to listen to each story of heartache, loss and money woes...we help them through the tangled web that is a SHORT SALE, WE LOVE THIS STUFF....nothing feels better than a hint of tears in the end when they know it's over and we sit a...
How many times do we talk to folks who for some reason think they will be punishing their bank if they just decide to "do nothing" and walk away...the only person it ends up hurting more times than you the homeowner. Most agents dont explain to homeowners that they may qualify not only ...
 Luxury Short Sales in Charlotte Sell Quickly....    I know what you are thinking but if you have a primary home mortgaged under $2Million and you are behind on payments, have a hardship or in danger of defaulting...think about a short sale...PRETTY EASY STUFF.... Every property that we have sold...
     You are always told in Real Estate as an Agent..." it's not about you"... so it's a hard thing to do to SHUT YOUR MOUTH when your buyers want to buy in a Neighborhood or Community that you know...THEY WILL NEVER RESALE OR GAIN EQUITY...I say never, ok...if they plan on staying there 15 years...
 You know we have to go the extra mile these days...and all those small things add up...which is why I must say...QUICK, HONEST, EFFICIENT SERVICE IS WHAT IS WARRANTED AND NEEDED IN TODAYS REAL ESTATE MARKET....that includes MORTGAGE FOLKS ... Gone are the days when you can just "cherry pick" let...
Finding a specific corner of the market and developing it to be "Your Own" is something that I believe has helped keep me from being one of those "stagnant Realtor" just hoping the market will get better... In the good ol' days(late 1990's-2006ish) all you needed was a heartbeat to be able to sel...
This is Land with a purpose!   Looking for a place to get away from the hustle n bustle of modern day life... yet make some money too?  How about a private workshop with plenty of room to wrench and a Private 1.5 Mile Race Track  to play on with your toys?  Consider the life of living where you c...
THE COMPLETE MOUNTAIN RETREAT-OFFERED AT $800K Do You Have A Home You Need To Sell To Avoid Missed Mortgage Payments or Foreclosure?     Agents That Have Real Life Experience in Short Sales, Call Us Today Serving Charlotte, Lake Norman and The Surround Counties.  
 MELISSA POLCE & JUSTIN SCIRANKO, BROKERS, KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY  Agents That Have Real Life Experience in Short Sales  The short sale agent handles complex negotiations with the bank. If the agent has no experience dealing with loss mitigation and negotiators, the seller is the person who may s...

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