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RELOCATION PACKAGE Manhattan, New York City Relocation Guide Manhattan Living: Brownstones to Glass Mansions in the Sky Manhattan Relocation: Helpful Tips, Links and Contact Information Relocation Guide: Time Line For Purchasing A Manhattan Home Relocation Guide: Understanding (and loving) Manha...
COOPERATIVE APARTMENTS CLOSING COSTS FOR THE SELLER: Broker NegotiableAttorney $1,800.00 and upCo-op Attorney $450.00Flip Tax 1% to 3% of price (if applicable)Stock Transfer Tax $.05 per shareMove-out Deposit $500.00 -$1000.New York City Transfer Tax 1% of price up to $500,000,plus $25.00 recordi...
The Platinum 247 West 46th Street Sales are underway at The Platinum a 43 story condo being constructed in Midtown West. Unlike the recently completed The Link at 310 West 52nd Street that marketed the "Hells Kitchen" lifestyle, The Platinum is being marketed as the "cutting edge" building in Mid...
  Time Line Guide For Purchasing 1. Mortgage Pre-Approval: Typical Time frame: 30 minutes - 2 hoursYou must know how much you can spend before you spend it. Condominium apartments require at least 10% down; cooperatives generally require at least 25% down. However, every building is different. Go...
  Before you come to love Manhattan, you must understand our peculiar housing market. Manhattan is a unique place in the real estate universe. Not only does it have a large rental market (75% of the available housing units vs. about 5 - 10% in other markets), but it has ownership and other import...
President Bush's plan to relieve mortgage debt could be a boon to NYC co-ops. The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 will allow co-ops to raise rents for their retail tenants, which could bring in more money to pay for staffs, and capital improvements and can lead to reduced monthly mai...
What is Network Neutrality? Network Neutrality - is the guiding principle that preserves the free and open Internet. Net Neutrality means no discrimination. Net Neutrality prevents Internet providers from speeding up or slowing down Web content based on its source, ownership or destination. Net N...
Tuesday February 5, 2008 is the Presidential primary election here in New York. It is Super Tuesday and primary elections will also take place in 23 other states across the country.In New York State only registered Democrats or Republicans are eligible to vote in primary elections. Polls in New ...
New residents in New York City may be overwhelmed by the vast array of public services and municipal structure that they find upon arrival. The following information is a general guide for new New Yorkers who are trying to get settled. Driver's licenses For on-line instructions visit http://www.n...

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