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My Associate Bill posted this informative blog regarding the new Good Faith Estimate. I'm re-blogging it because we share similar views and he had the opportunity to write about it before I did.  I have no problem promoting another Mortgage Professional as long as he stays out of San Antonio, TX ...
Thanks to my friend Bonnie for her blog. The handwriting is on the wall.  Several weeks ago an advisory board laid out new guidelines for mammograms.  The panel decided that it is not necessary for woman under 50 to have mammograms. Quickly the federal government came out to calm the fears of Ame...
Yes I said it red meat, love it.  Just had a fantastic steak.  New York strip, but usually prefer Rib Eye. I wish our media focused on the Red Meat of the day.  My challenge to the media, focus on what really matters to Americans.  Please try to avoid stupid social Hollyweird crap. We don't care....
Folks I know AR is working very hard to fix the proxy error thing.  Just thought some of you may be on the same computer literacy scale as I am so I'm hoping you find this post helpful. When I got a proxy error, I either shut down the site or did a number of other things that caused me to have to...
My brother is bringing my Grams a Christmas tree and a 25 pound turkey tonight.  She lives with my Aunt and money is tight.  Since my Father and Grandpa died within a year of each other, I cannot remember her  ever having a tree in her home.  It's been 25 years. She is very excited and at 80+ yea...
I don't re-blog many political posts.  I always fear that our differences of opinion might hurt my business.  I realize we all have a choice and can decide to comment and read or not.  So most of you know I'm a Conservative lady and I'm very proud of this post.                       "December 7, ...
This brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. It speaks for itself and is a timely reminder of why we have been granted the freedom to enjoy Christmas.
Folks- this post applies to dog and cat lovers.  See the toxic list Robin posted as well. Another cat food manufacturer has issued a recall of two varieties of dry cat food. Diamond Pet Food's Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat and Premium Edge Hairball cat food was recalled after 21 cats became sick...
Snow flurries expected in San Antonio, TX this Friday. Hill Country (I like to call it God's Country) will have 1-2 inches.  I'm excited for the young kids who will get to play in the snow just before Christmas.  Here in North San Antonio, possibly 1 inch or less and likely not to stick. One of t...
Is there such a thing as Christian Taliban?  According to some folks on AR this may have become a popular term with the liberals. I am deeply offended that any Christian would denigrate the word Christian with the Taliban. Quote "It is "un christian" (for all of you Christian Taliban crowd".  I f...


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