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Why did the big box bank "throw them off" without warning.  Slap, Ugh, Ouch, Big box bank landed your buyer on their butt, without recourse.  Worse yet, they cannot even get a phone call back. This should not happen to buyers, it is terrible business practice. Just a few moments before this hors...
Are there any brunette females on Fox?  I'm just saying, doesn't seem so "fair and balanced" to me............... Even the commentators on the O'Reilly show, both blonde. Greta is blonde. The lady on TV right now, blonde.  
The average credit score for TX is 651, we are almost the lowest scoring state in the country. Runner's up for worst credit score were Louisiana and Nevada. Even California has a higher average credit score, that is amazing. Why is our state so low in all of the credit score evaluations?  We are ...
Are you a true AR night owl, swoop down and find good posts?  Or just finally have time to log on?  Do you find a better response later in the eve vs am on your posts?  Are you just tired and crazy hoping to write a blog that makes sense?
Folks, the info in Shirley's blog regarding paperless closings is very important. You need to be in touch with the latest and greatest regarding technology, but also be aware of how this could potentially affect your closing ASK your title company if they have done this before and make sure they ...
Beauty does not need an introduction. This gulf fritillary landed on a plumeria leaf in our garden and slowly spread its wings to bask. There wasn't much sunshine yet, but you have to start somewhere! These butterflies are fairly common in this area of South Texas. Because we are organic gardener...
Please be aware of strange mushrooms popping up in your yard after the rains, see Robin's blog below.  They can be harmful to dogs if eaten.  Robin has a beautiful garden and practices organic gardening, I wonder if she will pull these mushrooms or see how big they actually get?  FYI she does not...
Hey Texas Realtors, if you are dealing with a big box bank & have a loan question, who can you call right now?  It's 8:52pm on a Sunday and you have questions about seller contributions for one of your listings.  I just hung up with one of my Realtors, she had a quick question.  They have a multi...
The home inspector will flash a light up the chimney and maybe move the lever, he does not crawl up there like Santa Claus to see how much soot and residue has been building over time.  My tip for first time home buyers is.......if you plan to build a cozy fire, have the chimney looked at by a li...
Why do you need so much of my personal information?  I have an 800 credit score and 20% down?  I could buy this place for cash if I wanted to liquidate my 401k or stocks?  Last time I bought a home they just wanted my pay stub, why do you want my tax returns?  Are you out of your mind? YES-  Lend...


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