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My friends, please check out the story below.  I'm proud to re-blog this for a good AR friend and his sister.Christmas Crafts by Kristin   Some of you on AR may have seen my previous blogs about my sister Kristin. For those who have not, Kristin was born with Cerebral Palsy. Every day she wakes u...
What a beautiful breast. That's the biggest one I've ever seen! Truthfully, I've always preferred dark meat. You take the breast & I'll take a leg. How long will it take after you stick it in?  
I want to wish all of my AR friends a blessed Thanksgiving Day.  I have so much to be thankful for. Many of us wrote out "Thankful Top 10" blogs over a week ago, so I won't go through the list again today. Just know in my heart that many of you have touched my life through your blogs, comments an...
One of the biggest closing days of the YEAR and decade in San Antonio and title wants to leave early? Are you kidding me?  Is this some cruel joke?  Let's put off ALL those closings to Monday 11/30 when everyone is tired from the holiday travel and turkey. I WILL REMEMBER THE TITLE COMPANIES THAT...
  Some lenders are now asking for a copy of the borrowers cell phone bill to evidence the phone number on the application belongs to the buyer.  Lenders want to know they call call the buyer in case of default.  During the audit process on a loan file, the number on the application will be cross ...
My friend met good friend of our country, a soldier.  May God continue to bless our troops. Imagine you are 22 years old. You're still a kid really in so many ways. And then your country sends you off to a foreign land to fight for the freedom of those people and the people "back home". Imagine t...
I don't like excuses and I rarely admire folks who make excuses to ME on a regular basis.  At what point does an excuse become a GOOD excuse?  If there was such thing as a GOOD excuse wouldn't it just be the REASON something occurred? My least favorite excuse for tardiness is, "It was raining and...
We had to put this sweet baby to sleep today.  Thank you for the prayers and comments about Shamie, the horse pictured in my blogs and comments.  He will be dearly missed and cannot be replaced. Shamie will be laid to rest peacefully by the vet in a most humane and pain free way.  The tumor in hi...
I'm still here folks, but I am getting back to the basics of marketing and establishing relationships. You may notice I do not blog as often as before.  Reason being, I find that I can better utilize my time working on my own web site  It is fairly new and does need more work. I am...
Today, I'm proud to own a Ford F150, see blog from my friend Terry.Government investigators say the U.S. government is unlikely to recover all of its investment in General Motors or Chrysler because the companies' value would need to "grow substantially above what they have been in the past." A G...


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