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Photos by Debra Walsh, Copyright © 2010 Debra Walsh. All Rights Reserved.  This photo may not be reproduced, used or transmitted without the express, written permission of Debra Walsh of Minisink Valley Homes Real Estate in Slate Hill, NY.  Thank you for not plagiarizing!  
Located 25 miles from London this fantastic over 40,000 sq. ft. 22 bedroom estate has 5 swimming pools, one of which is an infinity pool, a bowling alley, a 50 seat cinema, beauty salon, dressing room, sauna, private bar, an eight limousine garage and more!   There are 2 guest houses, an undergro...
For the first time in 27 years new home buyers are looking to buy smaller homes driving down the average size of homes built since 1982.  The National Association of Home Builders found that the average size of a new home that was finished in 2009 fell to 2480 square feet from 2520 square feet in...
After I had posted my first Kindle blog I received a response from Rick Obst and he was kind enough to give us a list of places to download free e-books as well as other sites for swapping etc...So stop by and say hello to Rick, thank him for his generosity and then check out these sites! http://...
I was laughing so hard looking at this because I know half the world could probably not do this on a daily basis without banging up their vehicle.   He is definitely ingenious!  Thank goodness for the big garages we have! If we approached everything in life like he approached this particular situ...
The sky has been incredibly amazing and unusual this winter.  The colors I have gotten in my recent posted photos as well as these are colors you almost never see in winter.  Here are a few shots that I have taken from my deck at different times during the past week.  My sliders to the deck are i...
  Photography In a Public Place - What is the Law? Comments in a recent post got me curious about this question. So I did what I always do when I want to know something - I went online to research it. Interestingly, there is a ton of information online on the subject. It is hard to wade through w...
  The Facts About Radon Gas in the Home – It’s Hazardous to Health The Environmental Protection Agency has declared January as National Radon Action Month.  The purpose is to help educate the public about the health hazards of radon gas in the home and to identify steps consumers can take to prot...
  Most of you that have seen my previous two blogs on origami towel folding know that I love creating towel desgins and I use them in my home staging projects as signature props.  I want to share how I used one of my creations in an actual home staging project.  I love staging areas that most fol...
I recently got a Kindle as a gift, and as someone who never goes anywhere without a book, I absolutely love it!  For those who aren't too familiar with them they are 1/3 of an inch and weigh 10 ounces.   They can hold up to 1500 books at any one time and receive them wirelessly in approximately 6...

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