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Thoughts of a warm-hearted but opinionated long-time Realtor who sells residential property in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, including resale, new build, military relocation, helping out-of-state owners sell their Colorado Springs rental property, with a passion for Victorian, Vintage, and Mid-Century Modern homes.
Remember How Excited We Were For 2020?As 2019 drew to a close, I was glad to see the door shut on that phase of my life. We were so excited for 2020.I had just finished chemo. One of the little-discussed side effects that people don't mention is the extra weight you'll put on during the time your...
Why Mimi Foster is the Best Downtown Colorado Springs RealtorFor over a decade, my husband Dave and I restored more than a dozen Victorian homes in Downtown Colorado Springs. Most of them were Colorado College rentals that oblivious students who did not understand the treasures they were destroyi...
CO Springs Realtors Working to Keep Clients Safe During COVID-19We are still doing business, but it's not "business as usual." While many states ignored the plight of people who need to move, Colorado has acknowledged that Realtors are essential. Realtors are taking extreme precautions to keep yo...
Fear of the Number 13This week began by losing an hour when we set our clocks forward. Then there was a full moon. And now it's ending with Friday the 13th. But what does that even mean? From symptoms of mild anxiety to a nagging sense of doom to full-out panic attacks, it is estimated that appro...
Market Report February 2020The Colorado Springs real estate market continues to break records and be impacted by low inventory. At the end of February 2020, there were only 830 existing single-family homes available. (The numbers used do not reflect Condominiums or Townhomes, nor do they include ...
Do you want that stranger in your home?Even though I've been in the business for decades, I try to look at this objectively and wonder, if I weren't a Realtor, would I try to sell my house on my own? There are many dangers in listing your home For Sale by Owner (commonly known as a FSBO). But fro...
Some tenants you're glad to see goThey were four young men living together in a four-bedroom, pet-free home. Only it wasn't really pet-free because when I went to take measurements to list the property and take a few preliminary photos, the cat and three dogs were clearly a violation of the lease...
I met him in early November and it was love at first sight. I was in my early 30s and he had just turned 96. As I saw him walking toward me at the elderly care facility where my grandmother lived, Florenz immediately captured my heart. I used to take my five young daughters to visit regularly. We...
To say I am a fifth-generation Realtor might sound clichéd, but being able to trace my family to before the Civil War and know this was the chosen profession of my ancestors makes it more impressive. Real estate is in my blood. I have discovered that as far back as my great-great grandfather, Wi...
Fifth Generation Land Trader Real estate is in my blood. Generations before me were passionate about the trading of land, about building restoration, about the purchase and sale of property. I am proudly carrying on that tradition. In the mid 1800s in Central Florida, my great-great grandfather, ...

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