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YES it really works!! The Fair Credit Report Act of 1971 gave everyone the right to dispute items on their credit report. Know what to look for on the report, knowing the proper language to use when disputing is vital to making sure it works for you and not against you.
If you have been reading my past blogs, you know that I highly recommend staying in touch with your past clients and prospects using a marketing program that is not necessarily real estate related. Most sales people use some type of self promotion marketing which in so-many-words says "look at me...
Today while preparing dinner I realized I needed a couple of things from the grocery store.  Mind you I said a "couple".  My daughter was coming for dinner so I needed to make sure I had more than just enough for my husband and me.  I needed more potatoes and wanted some carrots.  Since I was bus...
  How do you stay in touch with your past clients?  Do you follow up with prospects? Maybe you send hand written notes such as thank you or send a holiday greeting card to clients or prospects. When you do, what is in your card? Do you send hand written notes such as thank you or send a holiday g...
It seems the real estate market has once again changed focus.  Most properties on the market today are listed as a short sale.  What has caused the change? I believe a couple of things occurred which redirected the market.  The first was the moratorium on foreclosures.  In an effort to slow the "...

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