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   Why Is the Bryan-College Station area a great Place to live?  1. In 2013 "Kipplingers" rated it #3,  only behind Little Rock, Arkansas and Burlington, Vermont in their list of 10 great places to live in the USA. 2. Forbes rated it in 2013 in the top 25 places to retire to. And....     Great si...
My age is beginning to show! After a few years in the business you are bound to sell the same home two ...maybe three times. But I recently caught myself working on selling one particular home for the fourth time  in 15 years.  Don't take it as a reflection on the home, because it really is a ver...
August Home Sales are way Better This Year in our Area!   2012 MLS RESIDENTIAL DATA SURVEY   Reporting Board Bryan-College Station Contact Person Ed Berry Email Address  Month: August         Sales Closed 296                                   Average sales price $1...
My wife and I attended the tribute last night at Rudder Tower on the Texas A and M campus,  for retiring talk radio star and Texas Aggie Neil Boortz .  No mater what you may  think of him.... Boortz will  gets you to thinking about current affairs .  I really like his Flat Tax theory.  Neil is go...
It has been awhile since I had bragging rights here on Active Rain about a new grandchild.  Actually four years since our grandson Hoyt was born.  Here is a shot of a new "Love of our lives" grandaughter,   Campbell Joy !   Recently she had her first taste of ice cream and I truly swear I don't b...
Sometimes it seems pretty awsome to  be selling the same property over again.... 2 , 3 , or even more times!  But if you hang around the profession long enough the possibility of that happening to you is pretty likely! Plus the very fact that individuals seek to use you again on that property spe...
Just when you think you have experienced it all in this business along comes the unexpected!   One of my very favorite listings ever has been SKUNKED and I don't mean that figuratively but literally! Pepe Le Pew himself had taken up residence around this home and attempted to stake claims. So I b...
I call this photo "Fence Whiskers" because it looks like a bunch of old men neding a shave badly. These pickets could be from the 1800's. I believe they are cypress . Notice the old windmill in the background. Not many left like it. They still manufacture them however in San Angelo Tx.  at the ol...
In a few weeks I celebrate 34 years of being in the business.  And as I look back and think of all the “Adventures” that have been a part of that great experience I wonder if I would have done anything different ?  Nah…. because as I stated, it really has been an adventure! Real Estate adventures...
    December 2011 MLS RESIDENTIAL DATA SURVEY   Reporting Board Bryan-College Station Contact Person Ed Berry Email Address  Month: December RealEstateCenter     TexasA&MUniversity   Attn: Mark W. Baumann   College Station,Texas7842-2115   979-845-2031; Fax: 979-84...

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