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Yet another blogger I first met here on ActiveRain Here's 5ive Questions with Amy Cesario Name: Amy CesarioWebsite: http://denverrealestateviews.com/ Bio:  After working for the Denver Nuggets for ten years, helping players, coaches, executives and their families relocate to Denver, the Assistant...
    Name: Carole SanekWebsite: http://carolesanek.com Bio:  Carole has worn many different career hats over time and while she enjoyed writing, it was something she thought was just fun to do. Then she found blogging. She started blogging 9 years ago, ahead of the masses, and she maintains 2 per...
The premise is pretty simple. I ask a successful blogger 5ive questions. They answer. Not the normal questions you might think but deep thought provoking questions. I hope this will show how diverse we all are and how there is no single right answer to success. Name: Matt StiglianoWebsite: http:...
No, I’m not going on another Facebook sabbatical.  For right now, one was plenty for me.  (lucky you, eh?) I’m referring to one of the often discussed goals of social media marketing – getting Face to Face. For the local small business, that’s getting people into the store.  For the real estate a...
Bounce Rate.  It’s another one of those highbrow SEO technical terms that highbrow SEO technical people toss around like you should know.  “Hey Mike, what’s your current bounce rate?” If you’ve read some of my other posts you know how I like to simplify things.  Ready to tackle this one?  Here w...
A blog post is nothing if it doesn’t have images. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. When it comes to the finding the images there are generally three options – using your own, using ‘stock’ images, or searching the internet. I’ll show you how to do all three but before I do let me first s...
It is / they are. No, really.  I'm not kidding. That money you paid that social media "GURU” to “optimize” your Facebook Business Page really had no idea what they were doing.  They sounded like they did – but they didn’t. They took your money and then built your App using a free service. That fr...
Clint Miller influenced quite a lot of people.  This is the post that pulled Lisa Oden into Twitter.Today is the 1 year anniversary of his passing.We miss you buddy! Rock on Clint! Sex has helped me use Twitter. Yes...I said sex has helped me use Twitter.  (Do I have your attention yet?)  Ok...go...
Nobody has much free time these days. I’ll be lucky if you read down to the second paragraph without skimming. If you see this post in Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin you might just comment there based solely on the title and mini description you see, right?  We’ve all done that.  It’s what the soc...
  I stirred up an interesting discussion last week when I discussed SEO, “How to rank in Google“.  Someone even said I was looking at SEO through rose colored glasses.  To me it’s all Black and White (pun fully intended). I try to make things as simple as possible, take complex concepts and break...

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