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I've been working with a real estate agent out of the area in regards to real estate training.  Most recently I had to laugh when we did the buyer series, the routine question after we are done, did you get anything out of the training?  The one thing that stuck in her mind was bring toilet paper...
I am going to use Lance Armstrong as an example..simply because clearly he is an example of someone who lead a very healthy life...more than likely he ate properly...its clear he exercises...and still was diagnosed with cancer.  Ever wonder how this happened?  Recently I sat and listened to my do...
I just read an interesting article about social media and social media games.  While many complain that feeds on Facebook are loaded with such fun..that some believe it can ruin your business.  I think you are wrong.  Here is a different perspective from someone who loves online games! Sorority L...
If you remember it was just a few days ago that I posted about Bank of America and how a Daytona Beach real estate seller is still getting billed...still receiving phone calls...and cannot file their taxes due to mishandling of their short sale in the closing department.... A little update...and ...
An odd thing happened this morning as I was sipping my coffee and preparing to work...all of a sudden I had and usual number of requests for the pre-listing template, the sample and format Jeannette and I used for the makeover2takeover. I couldn't figure out why until just a few minutes ago...whe...
Last night I recieved an alarming call from one of my past customers...that's see we closed on their short sale in October...the closing took place without any hitches...the title company did what they were supposed to and at the end...the buyers moved into the house..commi...
When working with agents sometimes I need to set the record straight...there is some myth that you can sit behind your keyword all day...everyday....and create an abundance of business.....enough business to support yourself throughout the year...while it can happen if you are a or a T...
  It won't be long before I start my phone calls this see after being featured in the Activerain newsletter...2 times recently...I have to return calls for potential business. Because two of my posts were featured in the newsletters and subscribers from around the globe read my po...
I am all about equal opportunity but what do you think about a company outside the United States that you can outsource your BPO's to?  Let me make it clear I have no problem with outsourcing but it sure concerns me that the downplay or the value of a BPO is cheapen because some bank, broker or a...
Yesterday I spoke with an agent out of our area...not new but shy...nothing wrong with being shy but by not speaking up you might be losing thousands of dollars in real estate commissions after all buyers and sellers are looking for leadership, finding solutions and may look to you for advice. Th...

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