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As you know, I focus primarily on Investors and assisting them in purchasing Investment Real Estate in Charlotte, NC.  We all know that we've had some "turns" in our markets and the way we do business.  It's all about adjusting.  I look at it from the point of view that the rules have been change...
Life is funny sometimes with timing.  I was scanning my morning paper and getting ready speak for a large group of investors when something caught my eye.  It was a story with Warren Buffett and he was detailing how he is "re-aligning" much of his personal holdings portfolio and he made a profoun...
The local economy directly affects the housing market. Land values increase as the value of production results of that land increases. This land value carries through to all land-including housing.  While the market seems to have crashed in many cities, some cities are expected to rebound very qu...
Many times when I see new investors buy investment properties, I see some oversights that turn a positive deal into negative. One of these ways is by overpaying for the rehab of a property. I have a couple pieces of advice that I've picked up along the way in my investing and rehabbing here in th...
Wow, Kannapolis and Concord, hold on to your seats....and home values! I had the fortune of attending the Bio Tech Conference held at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and was able to hear the top Civic Leaders and Scientists and Business Professionals from around the Region and some ...
Real Estate has long bee teh tool that the rich use to get richer. (Remember the story of McDonald's Founder: Ray Kroc and what and what he said he DID for a living? Acquire Real Estate) There are many benefits to investing n Real Estate, ranging from tax benefits you could benefit from this year...
Now is the best time in years to purchase investment real estate.  I was at a seminar this week in Charlotte concerning the current housing market and some interesting statistics were persented to us about the mortgage situation in the US. You know the one that every news market in the country wa...
No, this one doesn't have anything "directly" to do with Real Estate, however it does deal with Investing, Investing of yourself in someone else. I volunteer my personal time with several different organizations and I'm always amazed at how just a little bit of your time can make such a profound ...
CNN came to Charlotte NC to find out WHY Charlotte NC is such a tremendous Real Estate Market and interview someone with Expert Knowledge on the market.  CNN interviewed Michael Knight with City View Capital and the full video can be seen here: ClickHere    

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