The Flying Fickle Finger Of Fate  For those who may not be aware or know of the origin of this term or its once-popular usage, it's okay.  Actually it's more than okay.  It's time once again to go back, way back, in time to the magical period known as the 1960s and a at-the-time outrageous telev...
 R-E-S-P-E-C-T   More than just some memorable lyrics and a toe-tapping song by Aretha Franklin.  Respect like many words brings forth a wide range of definitions.   Interpretations as well as examples can be found in dictionaries and sources elsewhere.  Taught by some in all ways of expression a...
 There Is Something About MarryYes, I Really Meant Marry And Not Mary  Although I know of the 1998 popular film "Something About Mary"  it's not one I have watched.  However the word "marry" and the concept of marriage bring up a familiar and  somewhat stereotypical springtime occurence that may ...
 Fools Gold Although it may be April First and April Fool's Day, I am not certain there will be much mischief today.  But I have been wrong before so I am predicitng nothing.  A search of quotes about foolishness of many types in honor of the day brought me quite a few choices but I like this one...
Am I Unusual?  (Yes, This Is Rhetorical)    Today, March 30, marks ten years since I joined ActiveRain.  At least I think so.  I have checked my join date in the past but I am a bit unsure how to search for that information again.  I guess I could ask a question in the Q&A section.  I digress.  S...
 Can You Hear Me Now?   I previously mentioned taking some classes. Two of these are called Step And Steady.  The classes have a goal of improved mobility, better balance and physical endurance through exercise for those  who have experienced brain trauma or a stroke.  All was going well until th...
 Reading Between The Lines Although ActiveRain is the combination of real estate professionals and others from many parts of the United States and Canada who have come together in one place to share stories about their take on the industry, their market and sometimes just the "stuff" that makes t...
 Getting It Right. . . Well, Sometimes  I know it's not the best of times for many with all sorts of issues and more challenging moments possibly a part of the future.   But wait...there is still plenty of opportunity to experience much, enjoy people and things plus continue to learn.  And laugh....
 Hey, Sports Fans - Desperate Yet?   Who would have ever thunk it?  A sports post from me.  Well, kinda.    Yes, the post title may have caught you by a bit of surprise.  Me too.  But, why not?  These are uncertain times as much of life as we know it has changed including the elimination of in-pe...
 Tongue Biting Does Have Its Advantages Seeing or hearing medical advice from those who have no triage experience, studies cited from self-proclaimed experts and information of all sorts is definitely never in short supply.  During this time.  And let's face it -  at any time.  It seems that way ...

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